Of all the social media channels Facebook has to be the perfect emoticon playground.
It’s where friends-fans-&-raving-fans are most likely to express themselves. So be expressive.
And if you want to get carried away take a trip to

140 characters means brevity is key in Twitterland. Even better if you can tweet in 120 characters.
Increases the likelihood of a RT.  Want to enhance your chit-chat & make your characters count?
Go to TwitterKeys. Full of simple symbols that speak volumes you’re sure to ♥.

no3Blogs & bloggers
If you’re a blogger then put some emotion into your blog with an emoticon.
Posts with emoticons spur likes & comments. Don’t hide your feelings.
And when you comment on a blog post add a ‘smiley or winkey’ for an extra dollop of emotion.

Texts-&-emoticons go together like rhubarb-&-custard. They’re the modern hieroglyph.
Skip the pleasantries. Get to the point quickly. Doesn’t mean you can’t add the human touch.
Learn the language of the emoticon. (Make sure your friends learn it too) Or create your own ;-)

LinkedIn is very much the social hangout of the professional at work. Very pinstripe-&-proper.
However that’s not to say the you can’t include a :-) or :-D. It’s a compliment after all.
Everyone’s human. Even Big Cheeses & Chairmen. Best to avoid big-yellow-smileys though!

If you’ve embraced email marketing, how about adding an emoticon to the subject header.
Something eye-catching & attention grabbing. Maybe even a splash of colour.
Link to your brand, business or subject matter of the email. Then test it to see if it works for you.

Get yourself a Gravatar. That’s a Globally Recognised Avatar. A kind of Victorian calling card.
Use it when you comment on posts. As part of your email signature.
How do you get one? Super easy. Just go to the Gravatar’s website. And you’ll be done in a jiffy.