If there’s one person on the planet who knows about living happily ever (or not as the case may be) it’s a chap called Daniel Jones, editor of the Modern Love column of the New York Times. Over the last 10 years, 50,000 submissions have poured into his inbox. Tales of love-&-loss. Stories of sadness-&-joy. And how to re-ignite passion into a lacklustre marriage & live happily ever after. In an interview with Psychology Today, Mr Jones says one thing he’s learnt is ‘the value of a simply told story‘. Stories from the heart are the ones that engage an audience, start conversations & build relationships. A courtship called social engagement. With strangers who turn into soul mates because they’ve fallen in love with your brand.

Love Illuminated
Falling in love with a brand or falling in love and finding a soul mate is rarely rational. It hits you. Bang! Love at first sight or as Dorothy said in the film Jerry Maguire ‘You had me at hello.’ Love is the drug. Love is a big sensual subject that’s been written about & sung about, painted-&-filmed, celebrated-&-commiserated. And in his book Love Illuminated Daniel Jones is ‘exploring life’s most mystifying subject (with the help of 50,000 strangers)’. He takes the reader on a journey through the 10 aspects of amour:

  • Pursuit
  • Destiny
  • Vulnerability
  • Connection
  • Trust
  • Practicality
  • Monotony
  • Infidelity
  • Loyalty
  • Wisdom

Looks like those stages could be turned into a blue print for the perfect route map to social engagement. Love Illuminated could be the perfect gift for anyone who wants to create a little social media romance.

The new rules of social engagement
Social engagement is The Holy Grail of online marketing. It’s a thing businesses-&-brands, community managers and tribal leaders lust after. That’s why there’s been a seismic shift from ‘this-is-me-here-I-am’ to ‘who-are-you-&-what-can-I-do-to-romance-you?’. The focus is now on personal interactions, surprising-&-delighting audiences, understanding challenges-&-providing solutions, listening to feedback, accepting-&-dealing with criticism (however ugly it might be) and being the real deal.

Invest in passion points
There was a time, when mega brands in particular, hid in ivory towers & lurked behind closed walls. When engagement equaled warranties-guarantees-&-loyalty schemes. Today, thanks to social media there’s nowhere to hide. The public nature of social platforms means we’re all accessible-&-accountable. Everyone has a voice worth listening to & a story worth telling. It’s no longer about size or budget or price or features-&-benefits. It’s about earning passion points by being curious-&-conversational, gracious-&-respectful. Social engagement goes hand in hand with social etiquette. Become a master or mistress of both and you’ll become the brand everyone wants to date.

What do you do to romance you audience and create desirable levels of social engagement. Go on! Kiss and tell.

This post was inspired by Ysanne Lewis, who has been engaging with the stars and embracing the power of the planets for over 35 years. Ysanne’s a well respected Astrological-&-Timing Consultant, who makes an ancient yet timeless subject accessible to both organisations-&-individuals. Ysanne is also a prolific writer, an insightful blogger & engaging public speaker. Her work highlights the right time for change-success-&-growth. With a client base spread across the UK, across the pond and throughout Central-&-Eastern Europe, she consults on both business-&-personal matters, so her clients can re-align and recognise the rhythm of their business or personal lives, in order to make timely decisions that result in positive outcomes. Good decisions require the right timing. Ysanne offers a host of heavenly packages that take decision making to a new level through the exploration and use of astrology.

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