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Seven somethings : 7 wonders of Twitter

The magic of microblogging
If you can tell a story in a sentence.
Say how you’re feeling in a word.
Just think about how poignant & powerful 140 characters can be.

Brand sparkle
Brands are a promise.
Conveyed in actions, pictures & words.
Twitter is a blank canvas you paint that hangs in a global gallery.

Followers here, there & everywhere
Tweets are mobile.
They can travel all round the world
And don’t need a passport to go First Class.

Silver service
Twitter makes you accessible.
Says ‘I’m here. I’m approachable.’
So whether it’s a problem or praise, you’re the first to know.

Tasty Tweets are like Quality Streets.
With content & insights made for sharing.
Broadcast the good stuff & you’ll get a reputation as the font of all knowledge.

Snapshot of the now
Twitter is a conversation that never sleeps,
Perpetually in the present.
With real time conversations & observations, it’s the pulse of the planet.

Miss Marple
You can’t control the competition,
But you can keep abreast of the market.
And keep a watchful eye on who’s-doing-what-with-who-and-where.

Social musings : Twit. Twit. Twooh.

Sister Snog loves : The new girl in The City

Head Girl
This was the evening Carlie Parkinson’s vision became a reality. You could call her a serial entrepreneur. Carlie, who hails from the land of maple syrup and Mounties, started a fashion and art market in Vancouver after being inspired by London’s amazing markets. Then, when she knew she was returning to the UK, she drew on her experiences in Canada and took a project she’d completed in Toronto, moulded it to make it her own and called it Covet London.
‘Our business Covet Girl showcases London’s hardest working women and their amazing businesses. It’s the who’s who and where to go guide, leading you through the unique neighbourhoods that make London special. From Brixton to Barnes, Holborn to Notting Hill this book will show you hidden treasures you didn’t know about and celebrates your favourite haunts.’
‘Know The City Like You Own It’
Covet London is a cross between a coffee table Debrett’s, your fave handbag sized glossy (we’re big fans of Red at #snogtowers) and Chambers UK. But rather than being jam packed with lawyers across this green and pleasant land, it’s brimming with brilliant business women based in Londinium. It’s gloriously glossy. It’s classy and the stars of the show are smart, sussed and extremely sassy business women. Every page is a little masterpiece with racey-pacey-sing-song copy that tells the story behind the each business. And paints a picture of the women behind the brand. The photography is nothing short of stunning. The handbook is a handy guide. A map of discovery of fine food, fashion, fitness and all things feminine, complemented by a compendium of service based businesses that offer a suite of must-have expertise every entrepreneur needs, wants [...]

Seven somethings : 7 terrific traits of social media mavens

Witty & pretty
They have a sense of humour.
And a sense of style.
Which results in a social brand that’s colourful & full of character.

Manners not spammers
Politeness is priceless.
And a maven’s polished social media etiquette opens doors.
Those pesky bots just can’t get through.

Storytellers rather than market sellers
Social victory is not about selling.
It’s all about stories & storytelling.
That’s how those smarty-pants cultivate friends, fans & followers.

Sharers & carers
Social sizzle is a balancing act.
Mavens strike the perfect balance.
Between creating-&-consuming, sharing-&-showing.

Interested & interesting
They’ve got their finger on the social pulse.
This puts them one step ahead of the game.
That’s why they break the news, make the news & create the news.

Engaged & engaging
The social playground is buzzing.
With a gazillion playmates.
Mavens like to be first on the merry-go-round & always want to play.

Personal & personable
They’re conversationalists and raconteurs.
The perfect guest.
At the world’s largest cocktail party.

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