Covet Girl
The launch of Covet London on Monday 14th October 2013, could easily have been lifted out of that 2008 Boots Christmas ad (you know the one) with a little Sex and The City thrown for good measure, as a flamboyance of femmepreneurs descended on Covent Garden. And headed for BB Bakery. Viennoiserie and cakerie during the day, it was transformed in the evening into a hot spot for a new breed of grown up girl. The Covet Girl. Covet Girls are passionate entrepreneurs. Wonder women who put their hearts into their business and their souls into their brand. Visionary trailblazers who epitomise everything that’s great about being a woman in business today. So, watch out boys! Because here come the girls!

Head Girl
This was the evening Carlie Parkinson’s vision became a reality. You could call her a serial entrepreneur. Carlie, who hails from the land of maple syrup and Mounties, started a fashion and art market in Vancouver after being inspired by London’s amazing markets. Then, when she knew she was returning to the UK, she drew on her experiences in Canada and took a project she’d completed in Toronto, moulded it to make it her own and called it Covet London.

‘Our business Covet Girl showcases London’s hardest working women and their amazing businesses. It’s the who’s who and where to go guide, leading you through the unique neighbourhoods that make London special. From Brixton to Barnes, Holborn to Notting Hill this book will show you hidden treasures you didn’t know about and celebrates your favourite haunts.’

‘Know The City Like You Own It’
Covet London is a cross between a coffee table Debrett’s, your fave handbag sized glossy (we’re big fans of Red at #snogtowers) and Chambers UK. But rather than being jam packed with lawyers across this green and pleasant land, it’s brimming with brilliant business women based in Londinium. It’s gloriously glossy. It’s classy and the stars of the show are smart, sussed and extremely sassy business women. Every page is a little masterpiece with racey-pacey-sing-song copy that tells the story behind the each business. And paints a picture of the women behind the brand. The photography is nothing short of stunning. The handbook is a handy guide. A map of discovery of fine food, fashion, fitness and all things feminine, complemented by a compendium of service based businesses that offer a suite of must-have expertise every entrepreneur needs, wants or desires. From pitching to presenting, accountancy to advocacy, if you need a legal eagle who totally gets the entrepreneurial mindset.

Sisters here, there and everywhere

London may be a big city. But it’s also a small village. Forget 6 degrees of separation. Or even 4.5 (thanks to the social media candy shop) come to that. In London, it can be as little as 3 degrees. Or less. So it was of no surprise to bump into a whole host of familiar faces at the launch. Not to mention an array of Sisters from Sister Snog. Some were part of the evening’s entertainment. Some had been actively involved in helping the shape the pages of the book. Others were Sisters who had become Covet Girls:

Covet London is a treasure chest full of jewels, brimming with a diverse range of talented, creative and inspiring business women. Building empires. Big and small. The vibe at the launch was positively buzzing. That’s what happens when you bring a bunch of like-minded individuals together. It becomes positively tribal. Are you a Covet Girl? You don’t have to be in the handbook to be a Covet Girl. You can be part of the tribe by engaging on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest. Sign up for the newsletter by visiting or go for gold and get the book. If you want to get your mitts on the hottest glossy collection of inspiring women entrepreneurs, who shape the culture and community of the capital, it’s just a click away. See you on page 222.