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Sister Snog Loves : To step out in style

“We’ve been building on strengthening London Fashion Week over several seasons, but now it’s almost the perfect storm,” she told Sarah Karmali in an interview for Vogue. “It’s post-London 2012, where there was a huge amount of attention on the UK. We have incredible designers – not just creatively, but which are now developing sustainable profitable businesses – and the internet now gives immediate access to a global audience.”
From week to weekend
Somerset House is the perfect setting for the biggest biannual consumer fashion showcase. A fun fair for femmepreneurs. A chance to feel like a fashionista and follow in the footsteps of the industry elite and celebrity fashion pack who’d been there only hours before at London Fashion Week. Our first flirtation with fashion kicked off on the Thursday evening with champagne and canapes on the terrace. If it was pouring with rain, no-one noticed. All anyone could feel was a rainbow of excitement. For many of us this was our first ever front row catwalk experience. Two shows. Over two days.

Queen Victoria would be amused!
Thursday’s catwalk showcased the trends for this autumn and winter:

Pretty in Pink
Back To Nature
Shape Up

Inspiration for a #firstfridaylunch dress code perhaps for 2014!

Pucker up & take a pew
Friday’s was double bubble Giles Deacon delight. To kick off ice-maidenesque-meets-Lady Havisham-with-giant-woolly-hat collection inspired by Black Adder! To finish. An interview with the man himself on the limited edition Lip gloss sofa, part of the range he’d just designed for DFS to mark the establishment of the DFS Design Foundation.

Support the fashion capital
Going to London Fashion Weekend felt like falling down the rabbit hole into a wonderland of Bond Street labels and designer brands [...]

Social musings : The purrfect-pin-up-girl of social meowdia

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Sister Snog Loves : Becoming a Key Person of Influence

Best years of your life
Looking back most of us have either a deeply-nostalgic or scarily-nightmarish view of school. Were they the ‘best days of your life’? Or the worst? If you have a thirst for knowledge and love learning then the former. Surely. And if you’re a smart cookie, you never stop learning new things. Doesn’t have to be academic. But it should stimulate those brain cells (left brain or right brain) in some way or another.

Learn from the good & the great
As an entrepreneur, if you want to ‘go back school’ the best teachers are those who have walked the walk you’re walking and made it over the mountain to the other side. They’re the ones who have had more roller coaster rides than you’ve had hot dinners. They’ve passed the dodgem car test with flying colours and when they get on the big wheel, it’s because they own it. This is the calibre of super-human mentors-&-trainers Entrevo attracts to run its programmes.

High five!
The real beauty is that there are no ivory towers on the KPI Programme. No them and us. Which means everyone who enrols has the potential to be a super-‘human’-entrepreneur. If you’re willing to follow (to the letter) a five-step sequence. It starts with creating the perfect pitch and ends with a graduation ceremony called ‘Pitch Fest’ (The Apprentice meets Dragon’s Den).

Books & products
The KPI Programme is a journey of discovery that shows you how to utilise the mountain of knowledge and expertise you’re sitting on by creating products that will boost the bottom line. And you’ll be the star of your own book launch, be called an author and see your name on the front [...]

Thumbs up : Vizify

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Social musings : Fanfare for Facebook

Seven somethings : 7 fantastic ways to be fabulous on Facebook

Spice it up!
Your cover photo & mini thumb nail should be awesome & attention grabbing.
So how about giving it a nip-&-a-tuck every now-&-again so fans get to expect the unexpected.
Change it to reflect the spirit of the seasons or celebrate love, pancakes or pumpkins.

Things that go bump in the night
Informative, educational, entertaining or compelling content is a fan magnet.
It’s more likely to get likes-comments-&-shares and rise to the top of your newsfeed.
This is called ‘story bump’ and story bumping helps the shelf life of your feeds.

Mix ‘n’ match
If you want to be engaging & alluring, share your content in a variety of forms.
Experiment with photos-videos-links-questions-polls-games-or-competitions.
Then track the engagement in Insights and you’ll see which ‘types’ of post are ‘simply the best’.

80% creator : 20% curator
Being the go-to resource for breaking news is the holy grail, guaranteed to spike traffic. Big time!
But time consuming – unless you’re a professional newsjacker who’s a dab hand at newsjacking.
Focus on posting content about you-&-your world. Make the news rather than break the news.

Smileys, hearts & flowers
Emoticons, used sparingly, can add a splash of colour to a post.
Take a trip to They’ve got hundreds! And they’re FREE.
Or make your own. You’d be surprised what you can do with a keyboard 😉

Own it!
Pick a slot. A day of the week. A time of the day. Morning. Noon or night.
Make it your own. (But be aware of global time zones).
Then commit to posting & schedule it. Same time. Same place. Different smiley face!

Three little pigs of content
Straw content is of the moment. It’s topical but with a short shelf life.
Wooden [...]

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    Sister Snog Loves : Taking a step forward at Global Entrepreneurship Week

Sister Snog Loves : Taking a step forward at Global Entrepreneurship Week

Website of the Year Awards
On the evening of Tuesday 19th November Sister Snog will be heading over to a most historic hangout. The Royal Institution of Great Britain will play host for the Website of the Year Awards, which celebrate innovation and online excellence. Since their inception in 2009, the Awards have been supported by celebrity entrepreneurs including Sarah Beeny, Jamie Murray-Wells, Julie Meyer, Alison Cork, Jo Malone and ex-Dragon, Doug Richard. 2013 sees another stellar line up of judges who will bring their expertise to bear on the entered sites. In response to popular demand, there are 15 website categories this year covering a wide range of lifestyle interests, with one overall winner drawn from all the categories.

Hello Holly
This year Holly Tucker of notonthehighstreet, will be announcing the winner who will join the likes of,, and who took the top slot in previous years. Arabella Dymoke became an investor in The Good Web Guide in 1999 and stepped into the Managing Director’s shoes in 2008.
“I believed in the product and wanted to see the company grow.”
The Good Web Guide champions great online businesses, has a special focus on supporting start-ups and takes the slog out of finding great websites by handpicking only the best. A must attend event for anyone who wants to rub shoulders with the online stars of today. And tomorrow. Last we heard at #snogtowers tickets are still available!

Funny Women Players
Wit and a sense of humour are essential attributes of an entrepreneur. Without them the roller coaster ride can get a little bumpy. The champion of bringing comedy into the workplace is Lynne Parker. Her empire is Funny Women, the UK’s [...]

Social musings : Low hanging fruit of the LinkedIn tree

Thumbs up : Un-follow-the-unfollowers

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Social musings : Three cheers for #followfriday!