Time to Shine
Mother Nature is the original entrepreneur. With an enviable base of raving fans. Her marketing is magnificent. If she were on Facebook or Twitter she’d have more friends-&-followers than stars in the sky. One of her skills is the ability to surprise and delight. Take the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. Anyone who takes the leap from the land of the employed to the world of the entrepreneur, starts out as a caterpillar. But no-one transforms into a business butterfly without motivation and inspiration. That’s why on the 8th & 9th November Sister Snog is heading to the Plaza Park Hotel in Victoria for the Time To Shine Conference to take time out to be motivated and inspired.

Delegates’ delight
The Time to Shine Conference promises to be the ultimate business boost for femmepreneurs who are building empires. Big and small. Two jam-packed days of success strategies, tactical tools and invaluable insights from the good and the great who are at the top of their game. Each and every speaker has been handpicked. Then there’s the Resource Centre. Brimming with knowledge from the conference sponsors. Brilliant brands with buckets of know-how. An eclectic mix of exhibitors, ranging from essential business resources such as Emily Miller from Marshall Walker, the font of all knowledge about LinkedIn, to fun and frivolous products and services, guaranteed to make you swoon. Go and see Miss Ballooniverse and see what she’ll create for you from a balloon. A truly amazing collection of brain food. All under one roof, culminating with the Diamond Club Awards ceremony.

In the spotlight
Taking centre stage at the Time to Shine Conference is the extraordinary Alexandra Watson. Best selling author. Mentor. Marketer and Business Coach. She’s a lady in demand by media moguls-&-magnets of TV, radio and the glossies. Alexandra never fails to energise a room. She’s passionate. She’s dynamic and will take you on a journey that will empower you to turn dreams into a reality, make aspirations accessible and show you how to make ‘Success City’ your next stop. Alexandra is one of the wonder women of the entrepreneurial revolution, which is sweeping the economy.

Sister Snog is going for gold!
There’s never been a better time for go-getting women to step out of the boardroom and turn their passions into an exciting and successful business. Just like Alexandra. She’s the real deal. Over the years she has been the go-to person for celebrities, rising stars and femmepreneurs on happiness and success issues, ranging from confidence and performance challenges to business growth and empowerment. Alexandra’s trademark is hot pink. Clearly a colour that’s bold, bright and confident, guaranteed to get you feeling ‘in the pink’.  If you’ve booked a silver, gold or diamond ticket, see you there. If you haven’t – what are you waiting for? It takes 2 minutes to register for two days that could catapult your business to heady heights.