SS loves KPI
Remember 10cc? Well if life is a minestrone, served up with Parmesan cheese, then business is a giant funfair with a 101 rides. Dodgem cars. Roller coasters. The big wheel and the merry-go-round (to name but a few!). If you’re running a business, you could spend a life-time stuck on just one of those rides. And never get off. Unless you get the Midas Touch. Then you’ll have all the fun of the fair. At #snogtowers we’ve been hanging out with some rather groovy people this year, who’ve definitely got the Midas Touch. They’re known as KPIs. Which stands for Key Person of Influence (not to be confused with key performance indicator!). Thanks to Entrevo, who run the KPI programme, Sister Snog’s buzzed up about 2014 and beyond.

Best years of your life
Looking back most of us have either a deeply-nostalgic or scarily-nightmarish view of school. Were they the ‘best days of your life’? Or the worst? If you have a thirst for knowledge and love learning then the former. Surely. And if you’re a smart cookie, you never stop learning new things. Doesn’t have to be academic. But it should stimulate those brain cells (left brain or right brain) in some way or another.

Learn from the good & the great
As an entrepreneur, if you want to ‘go back school’ the best teachers are those who have walked the walk you’re walking and made it over the mountain to the other side. They’re the ones who have had more roller coaster rides than you’ve had hot dinners. They’ve passed the dodgem car test with flying colours and when they get on the big wheel, it’s because they own it. This is the calibre of super-human mentors-&-trainers Entrevo attracts to run its programmes.

High five!
The real beauty is that there are no ivory towers on the KPI Programme. No them and us. Which means everyone who enrols has the potential to be a super-‘human’-entrepreneur. If you’re willing to follow (to the letter) a five-step sequence. It starts with creating the perfect pitch and ends with a graduation ceremony called ‘Pitch Fest’ (The Apprentice meets Dragon’s Den).

Books & products
The KPI Programme is a journey of discovery that shows you how to utilise the mountain of knowledge and expertise you’re sitting on by creating products that will boost the bottom line. And you’ll be the star of your own book launch, be called an author and see your name on the front cover.

Profile & partnership
You’ll be shown how to maximise the contacts-&-connections you’ve built up over the years so you can enhance your social footprint and create perfect partnerships with like-minded brands. KPI encourages you to chuck out the chintz (all those bad habits & ineffectual practices) so you’re in good shape to be a hot potato that’s talked about at dinner parties.

Take the first step
For the #KPIcurious of you out there Google ‘Key Person of Influence’. There are so many ways to get in touch or check them out. At the very least do your homework and investigate:

And for those of you who are already KPIs. See you soon at a KPI shindig!