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Sister Snog Loves : Burlesque On Ice

From Barrister-to-Burlesquer
Sam Jenkins aka Scarlett Sparkle is the beauty-&-brains behind Burlesque on Ice. A glittering show that will combine ice-with-sparkle by mixing two technically brilliant art forms and merging them into one to create a heavenly hybrid that combines entertainment with performance. Sam is an original. Passionate. Driven. Adventurous and altogether an all round superstar who is set to make superstars out of the cast of Burlesque On Ice:
“My working life began in the law having trained as a criminal barrister, with a passion for justice. As time went on I developed two completely unrelated passions. Figure skating & burlesque. And Scarlet Sparkle was born.

Both my personas are working on the show as it requires all the different skills I have acquired over the years. Performing on ice requires an understanding of the challenges and importance of performance (something often overlooked when figure skating)! It’s a production, so the legal skills come in handy, especially negotiation and the need for organisation! It is no easy task to manage a cast of solo performers, who are all used to being the centre of attention. I am lucky that I have a good understanding of the logistics of working with ice and know my way around social media. But ultimately it is a business. Therefore there’s a need to have a good head for figures and recognise the need to be persuasive!

The challenges of Burlesque On Ice are very different to those I faced in the legal profession. Burlesque has a lot more glitter and sparkle! I couldn’t understand why ice had never been combined with burlesque, so I decided to do just that and combine the two. In February my vision will become [...]

Seven somethings : 7 social trends to watch out for in 2014

Social newsrooms
There’s a big shift on the horizon towards real-time-right-now-marketing.
Long term campaign planning is so yesterday.
That’s why Sister Snog gives that hungry little social souris Rebel Mouse the thumbs up.

Brand new marketing mix
Social media will no longer be seen as part of the marketing mix.
It’ll  move up a gear to become the platform that feeds-supports-&-drives it.
Brand experience will be defined by social conversations. So get chatting.

Fairy tales & stories
Everyone has a story to tell.
About what they’ve done. What they’re doing. And what they’re about to do.
Think of 2014 as a book. With 365 pages & 12 chapters. Make your book a best seller.

Games & contests
If you like to play & you like to win then it’s jackpot time in 2014.
Looks like games, contests & sweepstakes will be making a big splash.
Join in. Take part or create your own.

Bites & nibbles
OK so content is still predicted to be king of the castle.
But because of information overload & brand bombardment brevity will be key.
If it can fit on a postcard think about how you can make it fit on a postage stamp.

Visuals & videos
In the fast paced mobile world video is set to grow. Particularly as Vine has hit the streets.
But photo and image sharing is set to grow faster and dominate.
That’s because of the value to effort ratio. A compelling reason to be a #pinner or #instagrammer.

My social footprint
Whoever you are. Whatever you do. Make sure the world gets to know you.
Next year make it a New Year’s resolution.
When someone Googles your name, you like what they see. And so do they!

Social musings : Flutter in 2014

Sister Snog Loves : A date with a moggie in a frilly dress

Aunty’s parlour
The Zetter Townhouse might look like a prim Georgian house from the outside but step through the door and you feel like you’ve just walked into a parlour straight out of an Austen or Dickens novel. In fact word has it that it has been designed to feel like the private home of The Zetter’s eccentric great-aunt Wilhelmin. Her personality is firmly stamped in every nook and cranny as it’s full of oddities-trinkets-&-curios she’s collected on her travels. Bric-a-brac carefully arranged in display cases. And of course her portrait has pride of place (as does Her Majesty’s) on one of the walls and her personality permeates throughout. There’s little doubt she was quite a character. A little of Lady Bracknell. A hint of Miss Haversham. A bit of Betsey Trotwood. She’d have made a marvellous Sister!

Going for a song
The decor at The Zetter Townhouse has an Antiques Roadshow feel to it. It’s a muddle of Victorian-&-Georgian without being dusty or musty, embodying a ‘more is more’ philosophy. Everywhere you look there’s something that requires a second glance. It’s almost as if a couple of eccentric collectors have moved out of Chadlington Manor in the Cotswolds and squished all their worldly possessions into two rooms. A jumble of squashy velvet sofas, comfy couches and armchairs fill the floor. Chandeliers and lamps give a warm glow. A kangaroo in a pair of boxing gloves stands in a corner. Ding! Ding! Round one. And, wait for it, a stuffed moggie in a Tiffany blue (well almost) frilly dress holding a parasol stands on a shelf by the fire. Guess she’d run out of lives!

Drop in or stay a while
Tea and coffee is served [...]

Seven somethings : 7 smart ways to be an Infographic smarty pants

Google bug
Keep up with what’s happening in the world of infographics by being a Google bug.
Get googling, so you’re the one who’s in the know with fascinating findings up your sleeve.
Then share. Blog or post them to your LinkedIn profile. And watch your social profile blossom.

Book worm
The internet is a massive reference library. But you can’t beat a book to stimulate the brain cells.
Sister Snog recommends The Power of Visual Storytelling & Information is Beautiful.
Next on the reading list. Visual Storytelling : Inspiring A New Visual Language.

Book mark
Book mark these red hot websites & they’ll supply you with a regular fix of the latest infographics.
And for the coolest infographics skip over to

‘Pin Princess’
Pinterest is the perfect place to build up your very own collection of interesting infographics.
Be imaginative and create a board or two or three.
Looking for inspiration? Then join the Infographic Board community & get pinning.

‘Tweetie Pie’
Twitter’s a noisy playground. Getting the attention of the twitterverse is always a challenge.
Tweet the hashtag #infographic (with a link of course) & see what happens. A re-tweet perhaps.
Do it on a daily basis. At a regular time & soon you’ll be one-of-the-one’s to follow.

‘Smarty Pants’
Fancy creating your own infographics but feel overwhelmed at the thought.
No need. There are a number of nifty tools that will turn you from curator to creator. Here’s a few super simple ones to try for size : Piktochart.

Word clouds
Words can paint pictures too. Give Wordle a whirl. Or Tagul a trial.
And create gorgeous word clouds that speak volumes.
About your brand. Your values. Your expertise. Your skills.

Social musings : Infographics get their stripes

Thumbs up : Vizify

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Sister Snog Loves : Let’s do the #foodiewop again

Food glorious food
Variety is the spice of life and every #firstfridaylunch has a different theme & dress code to match. The talented chefs at Brigade get 10 out of 10 for ensuring the food is a perfect complement. At the In The Pink Lunch in June, the waitresses wore blush-cotton-candy-&-candy-floss-pink. Every place setting was dressed with a pink rose (that’s Brigade’s attention to detail for you). In October everyone wore shades of purple. Lavender crème brulée with manuka honey ice cream left everyone gasping for more. Apple-&-bramble crumble with thyme custard set the tastebuds in complete turmoil. The cuisine is always top notch. With a little twist or unexpected touch. That’s why Sister Snog will be camping out there in 2014.

Dine out on digital
You should see the Christmas menu. A masterpiece. Which has also been transcribed-&-transformed into a Yuletide Doo-wop. Could well be a first. The stars of the show this week (it’s a moveable feast that’ll be added to throughout December) are a host of game delegates who pitched up to the inaugural Digital Marketing Show at ExCel between 26th – 28th November 2013. Nick James, producer of The Digital Marketing Show said on The Marketers Forum:
Our mission is to help mainstream UK businesses compete in a digital world…with digital moving at such a fast pace, there is obviously an appetite for information and advice. Excel in November is the place to be.
As well as the usual (and not so usual) suspects and gallery of fabulous speakers, on Stand A50 were two maverick-movie-maestros, Jez Kay-&-Erwin de Boer. They had something a little left of field up their sleeve to get the crowd engaged.

The power of the crowd
Thanks to [...]

Social musings : Circles & Google hangouts

Seven somethings : 7 ways to grab Google+ by the goolies

Buttons & badges
Once you’ve grabbed Google+ by the goolies, get set for social success.
Link your page to your site with the Google+ badge. Wear it with pride!
Make it easy to share content & get everyone pushing the Google+ button. Viola! Social stardom.

Want to bump your Google+ page up in search results? Course you do. Art? Science? Or both?
Be smart. Google Authorship is the Holy Grail. Get posting-&-pinging.
Key words. Sprinkle them, like 100s-&-1000s, throughout your profile. Then take a bow.

They’re a mirror of your real world connections. Personal or professional. Private or public.
Create them based on relationships or interest. Choose who you share what-with-&-when.
Hot news. Top tips. Social snippets. Golden nuggets. Shout out. But ‘carry on camoogling’.

Take your Google+ account & your YouTube account. Link them to the same Gmail account.
Then watch the sparks ignite at your virtual dinner party. Boom. Bang-bang!
Au revoir webinars. They’re so yesterday. Today it’s all about hanging-out in a hangout.

Once you start hanging out in a hangout, there’ll be some magic moments. For sure.
Hangouts Capture let’s you snap-&-save photos of those flash points in an instant.
Then you can savour-&-share them with everyone you were hanging out with.

Content is the new social currency. Ripples a hidden gem in the Google+ treasure chest.
Want a sexy graph that shows how often a post is shared or re-shared (yes that too)?
Find the Ripples option in the menu & watch your ripples explode. In real-time.

Apparently there’s no such thing as pure search anymore. It’s personalised & filtered.
Which means that you can get to the top of Google without building a single link.
All you need to [...]