Between January through to November, Sister Snog hosts three sparkling business events every single month, culminating with #festivefriday in December. So as you can imagine, the hunt for venues with a certain je ne sais quoi, character-&-charm is an ongoing quest. It’s always a moment of excitement to walk through the doors to somewhere that instantly ticks the Sister Snog boxes. Where the food is fabulous, the service first class & the attention to detail top notch.  The Zetter Townhouse is one of those places. First visited on 17th April 2013 (the day of Baroness Thatcher’s state funeral) it’s now become a regular haunt and is the perfect venue to meet prospective members who’ve booked A Taste of Sister Snog.

Aunty’s parlour
The Zetter Townhouse might look like a prim Georgian house from the outside but step through the door and you feel like you’ve just walked into a parlour straight out of an Austen or Dickens novel. In fact word has it that it has been designed to feel like the private home of The Zetter’s eccentric great-aunt Wilhelmin. Her personality is firmly stamped in every nook and cranny as it’s full of oddities-trinkets-&-curios she’s collected on her travels. Bric-a-brac carefully arranged in display cases. And of course her portrait has pride of place (as does Her Majesty’s) on one of the walls and her personality permeates throughout. There’s little doubt she was quite a character. A little of Lady Bracknell. A hint of Miss Haversham. A bit of Betsey Trotwood. She’d have made a marvellous Sister!

Going for a song
The decor at The Zetter Townhouse has an Antiques Roadshow feel to it. It’s a muddle of Victorian-&-Georgian without being dusty or musty, embodying a ‘more is more’ philosophy. Everywhere you look there’s something that requires a second glance. It’s almost as if a couple of eccentric collectors have moved out of Chadlington Manor in the Cotswolds and squished all their worldly possessions into two rooms. A jumble of squashy velvet sofas, comfy couches and armchairs fill the floor. Chandeliers and lamps give a warm glow. A kangaroo in a pair of boxing gloves stands in a corner. Ding! Ding! Round one. And, wait for it, a stuffed moggie in a Tiffany blue (well almost) frilly dress holding a parasol stands on a shelf by the fire. Guess she’d run out of lives!

Drop in or stay a while
Tea and coffee is served through out the day. The most delicious bar snacks, bowl food and small eats mean no one goes hungry at lunch time. British classics with a unexpected twist. You can dine a deux, book a private room if you’re entertaining en masse, sip a cocktail at the bar or stay in one of the thirteen rooms and rise-&-shine to a big breakfast. Sister Snog is there most Tuesdays. If you’re passing. Pop-in-&-say-hello. Of if you want to find out more about the other venues that host the best business events in London town, book A Taste of Sister Snog.