no1Buttons & badges
Once you’ve grabbed Google+ by the goolies, get set for social success.
Link your page to your site with the Google+ badge. Wear it with pride!
Make it easy to share content & get everyone pushing the Google+ button. Viola! Social stardom.

Want to bump your Google+ page up in search results? Course you do. Art? Science? Or both?
Be smart. Google Authorship is the Holy Grail. Get posting-&-pinging.
Key words. Sprinkle them, like 100s-&-1000s, throughout your profile. Then take a bow.

They’re a mirror of your real world connections. Personal or professional. Private or public.
Create them based on relationships or interest. Choose who you share what-with-&-when.
Hot news. Top tips. Social snippets. Golden nuggets. Shout out. But ‘carry on camoogling’.

Take your Google+ account & your YouTube account. Link them to the same Gmail account.
Then watch the sparks ignite at your virtual dinner party. Boom. Bang-bang!
Au revoir webinars. They’re so yesterday. Today it’s all about hanging-out in a hangout.

Once you start hanging out in a hangout, there’ll be some magic moments. For sure.
Hangouts Capture let’s you snap-&-save photos of those flash points in an instant.
Then you can savour-&-share them with everyone you were hanging out with.

Content is the new social currency. Ripples a hidden gem in the Google+ treasure chest.
Want a sexy graph that shows how often a post is shared or re-shared (yes that too)?
Find the Ripples option in the menu & watch your ripples explode. In real-time.

Apparently there’s no such thing as pure search anymore. It’s personalised & filtered.
Which means that you can get to the top of Google without building a single link.
All you need to do is create filter ‘bubbles’ to make sure your content is the cream of the crop.