Everyone on the planet’s an original. Fact. Creating something original that’s never been done before. That’s another matter. Far easier to be a copycat. But there’s nothing like being the first, putting your flag in the ground & claiming a space with your hallmark on it. Originality results from the power of imagination and entrepreneurs have an overwhelming capacity for imagination. The entrepreneurial spirit manifests itself in all shapes-&-sizes. Products & services that make us go wobbly at the knees. Brands that make us swoon at the thought of them. Experiences that leave an indelible mark on our memories & make ordinary days, red letter days. Drum roll if you please as Sister Snog introduces Burlesque On Ice. An original.

From Barrister-to-Burlesquer
Sam Jenkins aka Scarlett Sparkle is the beauty-&-brains behind Burlesque on Ice. A glittering show that will combine ice-with-sparkle by mixing two technically brilliant art forms and merging them into one to create a heavenly hybrid that combines entertainment with performance. Sam is an original. Passionate. Driven. Adventurous and altogether an all round superstar who is set to make superstars out of the cast of Burlesque On Ice:

“My working life began in the law having trained as a criminal barrister, with a passion for justice. As time went on I developed two completely unrelated passions. Figure skating & burlesque. And Scarlet Sparkle was born.

Both my personas are working on the show as it requires all the different skills I have acquired over the years. Performing on ice requires an understanding of the challenges and importance of performance (something often overlooked when figure skating)! It’s a production, so the legal skills come in handy, especially negotiation and the need for organisation! It is no easy task to manage a cast of solo performers, who are all used to being the centre of attention. I am lucky that I have a good understanding of the logistics of working with ice and know my way around social media. But ultimately it is a business. Therefore there’s a need to have a good head for figures and recognise the need to be persuasive!

The challenges of Burlesque On Ice are very different to those I faced in the legal profession. Burlesque has a lot more glitter and sparkle! I couldn’t understand why ice had never been combined with burlesque, so I decided to do just that and combine the two. In February my vision will become a very sparkly reality set in the decadent glamour of Bush Hall.”

The fairy-tale of a butterfly
It’s the age of storytelling. Burlesque On Ice tells the story of a figure skater who overcomes the odds to follow her dream to the burlesque stage with a little help from her magical muse, a fabulous fairy godmother and a whole cast of characters. Some are rather naughty (like a cream cake) and others are nice as cherry pie.

Skates to stilettos
The burlesque community is a tribe of tantilising individuals who love to perform. Burlesque is a historical and artful form of variety performance that incorporates ribald humour, glamorous costumes, saucy song and cheeky dance. But for Burlesque On Ice the cast have swapped stilettos for skates. Ms Willoughby and Mr Schofield would be impressed. That’s for sure.

Sister Snog meet the cast
The cast have been training intensively at Queens Ice Rink and gave a teaser performance at a VIP press event at Westfield on 20th November 2013. What an amazing way to step into Christmas. The crowd loved it, Sister Snog cheered from the balcony and Sister Tigz Rice captured the event from the press pit. Two weeks ago we took a trip to the ice rink to meet the cast. Gwendoline Lamour (aka Fairy Godmother) gave a surprise star performance at #festivefriday. And on Wednesday 5th February 2014 Sister Snog will be heading over to Bush Hall for a Wonderful-One-Off to see Scarlet Sparkle and her amazing troupe:

“Burlesque On Ice promises to be the sexiest, sparkliest show on skates that London has ever seen! And we’ve reserved some very special seats for Sister Snog and the Sisters.”

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