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Social musings : What’s your story?

Seven somethings : 7 fairy-stories-&-fables to guide you in the art of storytelling

The Rapunzel plot
The story of Rapunzel & Rumpelstiltskin focuses on overcoming the monster.
With creative thinking, ingenuity and determination.
If you’ve got a story about how you’ve outwitted a giant (or in this instance the dwarf) tell it.

The Snow White Plot
There are times when tragedy strikes. You take a big bite into a poisonous apple.
And it looks like Lady Luck packed her bags and went on a big holiday.
Snow White stories have a happy-ever-after ending, but pull at the heart strings along the way.

The Goldilocks Plot
A girl with golden locks. Three bears. And porridge. Is it a Monty Python sketch?
Adding wit & humour to a story is possibly the greatest challenge.
Get it right though & your story could go viral.

The Cinderella Plot
Everyone loves an against-all-odds-rags-to-riches story where you get to marry your Prince.
They’re inspiring. They’re motivating. They show that if she can do it, I can do it too.
Everyone loves a winning tale so if you’ve had a big win share it.

The Sleeping Beauty Plot
Imagine sleeping for a hundred years. Then being woken up. With a kiss. From Prince Handsome.
A new world. A new dawn. A new day. Transformational stories are the alchemy of storytelling.
When you have one. Write it. Quick so you don’t forget what it feels like to be new you.

The Dorothy Plot
Dorothy with her ruby red shoes, Toto, the Tin Man, Mr Scarecrow & the cowardly Lion are a team.
Their quest. Get to the Emerald City to claim their prize. Home. Heart. Brain. Courage.
If you have a team (or a tribe like Sister Snog) bring your quest to life. It’ll make great reading.

The Alice [...]

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Sister Snog loves : The #socialmixology revolution

Have you heard of Citizen Smith? Guess it depends on your age. It was a British TV sitcom. Written by John Sullivan. One of Britain’s best loved comedy writers who went on to create characters such as the dynamic duo Rodney & Del Boy. It was based on someone he’d known called Wolfie Smith. A deluded anarchist who founded The Tooting Popular Front, made up of his mates. A bunch of endearing misfits, who got up to all sorts of mischief in the name of good old British 70s comedy. The goals of TTPF were ‘Power to the People’ & ‘Freedom for Tooting’. Wolfie modeled himself on his hero Che Guevara and saw himself as the leader of a revolution. Shame Twitter wasn’t around. #TTPF would have been the perfect hashtag!

Up the revolution!
Revolutions are quite –  well, revolutionary. Because they’re a sign of change. New eras. New opportunities, new ways of thinking-&-doing and often relate to a shift of power. Today, thanks to the social media revolution, the power really is in the people. Big brands can’t hide behind ‘press 6 if you’ve lost the will to live’ any more and are becoming more accountable thanks to the likes of Twitter & Facebook. They’re also becoming human and actually encouraging engagement with their customers. The rise of the ‘preneur’ is rife as more and more people are saying goodbye to a regular salary and substituting it for a business they can call their own. And the social media revolution is helping to make this less of a pipe dream and more of a reality. It seems these days almost anyone is findable and accessible.

#socialmixology at Bar Soho
Social media on its own, [...]

Sister Snog Loves : French for fashion

The John French signature
French delivered fashion photography to the mass media by persuading art editors of the national press to use his flawlessly lit images of top models. His work appeared in virtually every newspaper. And glossies such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Vogue and Tatler. You could say he was one of Britain’s first model talent spotters and encouraged his muses to develop-&-project their individual personalities in front of the lens. So if you Google Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Celia Hammond, Anne Gunning, Barbara Goalen or Tania Mallet you’ll see the John French signature. Always perfectly arranged. Carefully composed. Framed as if they were an artist’s picture in a canvas.

Google images speak volumes
What would happen if you Googled yourself. And clicked images. Does a beautiful gallery of stunning photos appear that tell an engaging story. Your story. About Brand You. Because more and more that’s what people do when they come across your name. Helps if you have an unusual moniker, such as Hela Wozniak-Kay. Less chance of Google mixing you up with A.N. Other (sorry Annie Brooks!). Try it. You’ll be surprised. Pleasantly or otherwise! If it’s the latter then to make a pact with yourself to do something about it.

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