SB 12 SSL collage
Have you heard of Citizen Smith? Guess it depends on your age. It was a British TV sitcom. Written by John Sullivan. One of Britain’s best loved comedy writers who went on to create characters such as the dynamic duo Rodney & Del Boy. It was based on someone he’d known called Wolfie Smith. A deluded anarchist who founded The Tooting Popular Front, made up of his mates. A bunch of endearing misfits, who got up to all sorts of mischief in the name of good old British 70s comedy. The goals of TTPF were ‘Power to the People’ & ‘Freedom for Tooting’. Wolfie modeled himself on his hero Che Guevara and saw himself as the leader of a revolution. Shame Twitter wasn’t around. #TTPF would have been the perfect hashtag!

Up the revolution!
Revolutions are quite –  well, revolutionary. Because they’re a sign of change. New eras. New opportunities, new ways of thinking-&-doing and often relate to a shift of power. Today, thanks to the social media revolution, the power really is in the people. Big brands can’t hide behind ‘press 6 if you’ve lost the will to live’ any more and are becoming more accountable thanks to the likes of Twitter & Facebook. They’re also becoming human and actually encouraging engagement with their customers. The rise of the ‘preneur‘ is rife as more and more people are saying goodbye to a regular salary and substituting it for a business they can call their own. And the social media revolution is helping to make this less of a pipe dream and more of a reality. It seems these days almost anyone is findable and accessible.

#socialmixology at Bar Soho
Social media on its own, will never replace the power of face-to-face marketing. The real alchemy exists when the two combine. That’s when the magic really happens. Sister Snog’s mission is to be a social alchemist and the campaign to make this happen is know as #socialmixology which was launched in the Boudoir Bar at Bar Soho on 23rd January 2014. Follow the hashtag #socialmixology on Twitter if you want to get involved in the conversation and join the revolution.