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Sister Snog loves : Stop if you see a purple cow

The key to Success City
There are many people-&-pundits who say they hold the key to success. They probably all do. In one way or another. Particularly if they’ve made their mark on the business landscape and hang out in the hall of fame-&-fortune. Success means different things to different people – so there can’t just be one key that fits all the doors to Success City. According to Seth Godin:
The key to success is to find a way to stand out – to be the purple cow in a field of monochrome Holsteins.
In short. Be remarkable.

What are you doing to be a Purple Cow? We’d love to hear.

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Seven somethings : 7 winning ways to boost social media engagement

Be curious & ask questions
Keep them short-sweet-&- simple.
Or use Mr Rudyard Kipling’s six honest serving men as a guide.
A question goes a long way in the realm of social engagement.

Be visual & post pics
They can be moving-or-static, curated-or-created.
Images rule the roost & can turbo-charge your social profile.
Visual content drives engagement by letting pictures do the talking.

Be graceful & say thank you
Everyone likes to be appreciated-&-acknowledged. Start by saying thank you.
Two little words that speak volumes. Often forgotten. Always remembered.
They’re the backbone of social etiquette. The glue of social engagement.

Be helpful & offer solutions
Want to be the go-to person people go-to? Become the person with the answers.
Sell something & you make a customer. Help someone you make a customer for life. 
Social engagement is about ‘help-not-hype’. And the phrase that pays is ‘Youtility’.

Be bountiful & share insights
We’re all sponges. Full of knowledge. Made for sharing.
Don’t keep what you know, think or feel to yourself.
Information-&-insights fuel social engagement.

Be conversational & keep talking
Social media is a dialogue. A two-way street.
It’s tea for two. It’s modern love for the many.
If you want to engage, be engaging. Start by talking. Simple as that.

Be beautiful & tell stories
Everyone has a story. And day to day life is made up of tiny chapters.
If you want to engage, write from your heart, speak from your soul.
Engagement unearths new stories, which starts the cycle all over again.

Sister Snog loves : One lump or two?

A delicious double act
As with all myths-&-legends, John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich didn’t actually invent the sandwich as such. The Arabians had been stuffing meat inside pitta bread for centuries before the Earl came up with his delicious snack. But he’s the chap who made it popular. And the famed-fave lunchtime staple was christened with his name. Anna Maria Russell, The Duchess of Bedford, was a life long friend-&-confidante of Queen Victoria. Apparently she was prone to hunger pangs around 3pm-ish and as dinner could be served as late as 9pm she would order a feast of tea, bread-&-butter and cakes to be served in her room. As she clearly wasn’t the only one in polite society to feel a little peckish mid-afternoon, the habit caught on and became, as Henry James observed in Portrait of a Lady, a perfectly pleasurable way to pass the time:
There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.
The business of Afternoon Tea
During the Victorian era afternoon tea assumed many guises-&-disguises. From informal feminine gatherings to elaborate ornate events attended by hundreds. The custom of afternoon tea played a unique role in British life and was enjoyed throughout the Empire. However, two World Wars and tea rationing resulted in afternoon tea taking a back seat to become little more than a morsel of faded British tradition to dangle before tourists during the latter half of the 20th-century. Fast forward to today and it’s become a movement in its own right. And even has a whole week in August dedicated to celebrating a great British Tradition.

Are you an afternoon tea afficionado?  If you’ve found [...]

Social musings : Mind your Ps & Qs

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Seven somethings : 7 sinful sins of social netiquette

There are 12 distinct social media types (apparently). Some positively sinful. Peacocks in particular.
Self-obsessed, they seek public acceptance, fish for compliments & crow about their brilliance.
Destined to become the next social dodo! Because pride, after all, comes before a fall.

Social media is not a soapbox or a place to vent your anger. Keep your cool.
Think twice before you name-&-shame or swear in cyberspace.
However, f you have good reason to complain, be graceful-charming-&-polite.

Social media is a two-way street. Think of it as a good old fashioned telephone.
For real conversations with real people. So, don’t be a lazy bones & automate everything.
Be engaging. Be entertaining. It’s one thing being present. It takes effort to have a presence.

Social media’s a platform full of little tasters of lots of people’s lives. Particularly Facebook.
But in some cases it’s having a negative effect leading to eye-rolling envy. Even jealousy.
If that’s the case, time to stop living vicariously & create your own story worth sharing.

Some people just want to hog the social limelight. Particularly on Twitter.
Next time you get a #FF think about reciprocating or saying a thank you for a pat-on-the-back.
Rather than pressing the keyboard for a Retweet. Greedy or generous. Which are you?

Social gluttons have an inordinate affliction called over-sharing.
And barrage their community with blow-by-blow details of the minutest details. Regularly.
Which makes them – quite frankly – bores-boasters-&-bragggers.

Today it’s not a case of who do you know. More a case of who knows you.
But what will you do to become the topic of conversation at dinner parties?
If it’s ‘anything’ and your desire for social fame knows no boundaries [...]

Social musings : Time to become a curator

Sister Snog loves : Every woman’s a woman of wonder

Today’s wonder women
Forbes magazine has released the results of its annual survey of the 100 most powerful women on the planet who’ve made their mark on the landscape in one way or another. It ranks women according to influence, wealth and media presence. All these women, in their own various ways, have committed to change – be it political, economic, social or technological – and often in the face of adversity.

Who’s who in the hall of fame?
The top spot, for the second year running, goes to German chancellor Angela Merkel. Well she’s got a pretty big challenge as she continues to battle the Eurozone crisis – which in turn, threatens to overspill to global market economies (don’t envy her – do you?). New entries on the list include Jennifer Lopez and philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Queen Elizabeth II comes in 26th place as the oldest entry, aged 87. Still a way to go before she gets to send herself a telegram. Or to be as old as Misao Okawa, who was born on 5th March 1898 in the land of the rising sun & cherry blossom. She celebrated her 116th birthday on 5th March, making her the oldest person in the world. Wonder if she managed to blow out all her candles?

The biggest celebration on the planet
Thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate their achievements on or around IWD. These range from hard-core political rallies, business conferences, government activities through to craft markets, theatrical performances & fabulous fashion shows. Some are international, national or virtual (like the Google Doodle) or potentially viral (like the hundreds of compelling video [...]

Social musings : Hands up for soft power & social media