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Since 2000 Pantone have annually declared a ‘Colour of the Year’. Pantone colours are discussed at a top secret meeting at a top secret location. The colour purportedly connects with the zeitgeist – a statement about the state of the nation, the economy and the vibe on the planet. This year Radiant Orchid 18-3224 is top of the pops. Described as ‘a dazzling attention-getter’ with ‘rosy undertones’ it’s a modern and surprisingly versatile shade. Colour of the Year is important as it influences the hues on the High Street. Think it could be time to redecorate at #snogtowers! Time to talk to some Sisters-In-The-Know.  They’re sure to have a view.

A designer’s perspective

I love Pantone. Makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop. All those delicious colours to choose from. But most importantly as a designer  I love the fact that when I specify a Pantone colour I can guarantee the colour will be perfect every time.
Lisa Webb
Pink Frog Ltd

An agency’s perspective

Pantone is getting lost in hours of fun, choosing the perfect colour for the perfect project. Bliss!
Nicola Fisher
The Creative Haus Ltd

A print expert’s perspective

When I think panto, I think colour. Vibrancy. Flair. Characters. When I think Pantone, I think colour. Image. Design. Brand. Both captivate & create something that’s full of colour.
Vicki Baumann
Sales Director
Alphaset Ltd

Will you be getting wild with Pantone’s Colour of  The Year?