Ever heard of Kim Perez? A woman who woke up one day & decided that there had to be more to her life. The all-consuming desire for change far outweighed any fear of change. As a result, her drive-focus-&-determination resulted in Kim re-inventing herself & turning her life around. Totally-&-utterly. She had a plan. She executed it with military precision and went from beauty counter assistant, in a little town in North Lincolnshire called Brigg, to a lady who moved across the pond to lunch-&-shop, drive a white Mercedes & drip in diamonds. And ran a fake-tanning business. As a hobby. The secret of her ‘success’. She married a millionaire. That was her goal. Tick. Mission accomplished.

The Gabor Sisters
OK – so she may have been labelled as a gold-digger by the people she left behind but she’s not the only woman who set out to snare a millionaire. Zsa Zsa, Magda & Eva Gabor were Hungarian beauties – who all married men of means. More than once. In the film – How to Marry a Millionaire, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable & Lauren Bacall set out to find eligible millionaires to marry. They found true love instead. Kim found her Mr Rich-As-Croesus right on the dating site (Her £600 investment in elocution lessons certainly paid off.)

The right match
Finding a millionaire husband is big business. Voted as “Best of the Web” by Forbes has well over 2 million active singles on it. Allegedly it’s one of the most legitimate dating sites for sugar daddies and sugar babies. So there’s a plan. If that’s your goal. And there’s even a 24 step guide if you want to follow in Kim’s footsteps. On the other hand you might like to consider becoming the mistress of your own destiny and find a different kind of financial freedom that’s fueled by a different kind of passion. A passion for personal success. For some that’s climbing the corporate ladder into the boardroom.

Boardroom Blitz
However new research reveals something to the contrary. It seems the female entrepreneurial spirit is a far stronger force than the yellow brick road to the boardroom. A recent survey by Aspire of 1,200 female executives-&-managers found that far from being fired-up company advocates, who spend their days gazing longingly at the boardroom door, the majority of women surveyed were ready to quit their job & leave the corporate world altogether. A staggering 78% were seriously considering leaving to start their own business. Watch out! The time bomb is ticking.

Living on the ceiling
Those who dream of entrepreneurship believe it offers the chance to do something they love & create a Lovemark that people fall in love with. In the land of entrepreneurial milk-&-honey everyone is in control of their own destiny-&-decision making. There’s no pressure to be first-in-last-out. There’s a new kind of suffragette on the horizon looking right through the glass ceiling, seeing that’s it’s actually a floor & the sky’s the only limit.

Ready to #highheel it?
If you’re one of those women who’s planning to put your high heels on, by-pass the boardroom & join the entrepreneurial revolution, don’t do it alone. And don’t do it without a Sherpa Tenzing. Plan your exodus with meticulous precision. Just like Kim Perez. She had a smart strategy that paid dividends. Find a tribe to hang out with & a guide-who-gets-you to help you take the right steps. Such as Angela Harkness. The original High Heeler who founded Angela takes her clients on a journey so they can get the life they want from the business they create by becoming the CEO of their own company. But she doesn’t just work with executives planning an exodus to the promised land to become a stocking-start-up. Angela’s insights are invaluable for femmepreneurs at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey. She’s been instrumental in helping Sister Snog take a step back in order to take a step forward:

She’s one bright shiny button who the sunshine seems to follow around. Her genius is helping you to ‘see clearly after the rain has gone’ so that you will find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Angela is fun and forthright. She’s intuitive and inspiring with a passion for facilitating change that’s utterly infectious. So, if you’re a business woman looking to change your career path, take a leap of faith and start a business or give your current business a boost, get in touch with Angela before you pick up the phone to anyone else.

Get connected with Angela’s world & become a #highheeler

Marry a millionaire or become an entrepreneur. The choice is yours. If you’re at a crossroads and decide it’s time to make a big leap – whichever route you decide to take do let us know.