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Seven somethings : 7 hallowed #hashtags used by #sisters of #sistersnog

#sistersconnect : When two or more Sisters meet-up-hook-up-&-connect
Business is about relationships. And they are are cemented when people get together.
Sisters are a sociable bunch. #sistersconnect regularly. This is their hashtag.
Used when they they’ve been to an event, had a 1-2-1 or bumped into one another.

#snogtowers : Sister Snog’s HQ
Every business has a home. Office or home-office. Bricks-&-mortar. Or totally virtual.
#snogtowers is a beautiful place. Open-all-hours. Visitors welcome. Anytime.
With a calling card in the shape of a #hashtag for anyone who drops-in for a visit.

#socialbutterfly : Sociable soul who embraces change & loves to engage
Some people are islands. And want to be alone. In an ivory tower.
Others want to play. Are interested-&-interesting. They’re #socialbutterflies.
Which is why Sister Snog’s weekly newsletter has that moniker. Sign up here. Today.

#socialmixology : Where face-to-face marketing meets social media
#socialmixology is about being in the right place at the right time with the right crowd.
Smart cookies join the dots & build a bridge between the real world & the virtual world.
Who says you can’t be in two places at one time?

#smartsister : Acknowledgement for words of wisdom
Sisters are business women who are following their passion.
The #smartsister hashtag is shorthand for ‘you know your onions’.
And used when Sisters share their expertise-&-knowledge.

#snogblog : Bursting with information, insights & golden nuggets
The #snogblog is a smorgasbord of blogs.
Of what Sister Snog loves-&-likes. Thinks-&-feels. Recommends-&-rates.
Comments welcome. Feedback appreciated. Sharing applauded.

#socialsnog : Sister Snog’s very own social network
A private VIP lounge open 24/7. Where Sisters check in. Anytime.
Friend other #sisters. Share news, views & updates.
And create the most colourful-insightful,-personal profile. Ever.

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