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Seven somethings : 7 nuggets of #inspiration to get you thinking, filming, writing & micro-blogging

A tweet with meaning
You don’t need to write a novel to tell a captivating story.
Brief is beautiful. Short is sweet. Minimal is memorable.
Tell your story in one sentence and join the brevity brigade.

There’s something thrilling about a spine-tingling-chilling story.
The best that go bump in the night are achieved in just a couple of sentences.
Like these terrifying two-sentence horror stories. Goosebumptastic!

The power of three
Language is full of richness. Words are the currency.
Choose three power words. Positive prompts to feelings happiness.
Make them your mantra. Clap along and get ‘Happy’.

Four simple gifts from a Tiny Buddah
‘Life is one big class room full of lessons,’ says the Tiny Buddah.
Every day is a gift. Kindness-&-strength go hand in hand.
Love is a verb. Happiness is appreciating what you have.

Five seconds of fame
‘In the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes.’
So said Andy Warhol. With the rise of video anyone can be famous.
For as little as five seconds. And star in their very own film.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn
Perhaps the most famous example of flash fiction.
Attributed to Ernest Hemingway. For a bet. To guarantee a tear.
Six word stories are becoming quite de rigeur. Bet you could write one!

What can you say in seven seconds?
Every month seven #sisters step into the spotlight.
At the #7minuteshowcase. And tell their story. For seven minutes.
Each has poignant message. Captured in the #7secondshowcase.

Seven somethings : 7 tips to make you the #followfriday it-girl

The perfect #followfriday is thoughtful, colourful & crafted with care.
It tells the twitterverse who you think’s a good egg & deserves a follow.
Write as you speak and say why they’re top-of-the-pops or what they’ve done to get a #ff gong.

A little originality can make your #followfridays extra clickable.
For a flurry of click throughs, add a link to their website or blog, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.
Or illustrate why they’re fab-&-followable with a pic or infographic, foto or video.

#ff crammers are one step away from spammers.
Don’t pack your tweet to the brim, restrict yourself to three amigos with something in common.
#bestbloggers on the block or #brilliantbirds in business or #nicepeeps to tweet with.

Twitter lists are a marvellous feature on Twitter.
A collection of tweeps, with something in common such as #CovetGirls or Diamond Geezers.
If you’re pushed for time or want to make a big #ff shout-out in one fell swoop, link to the list.

#ff’s can be off-the-cuff or totally spontaneous. And what’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing!
Except, perhaps, maybe-just-maybe you might miss someone off the #ff guest-list.
Have a plan & include tweeps who deserve a thank you, pat on the back or just made your day.

The beauty of Twitter is that you don’t have to be in the room to tweet.
If you want to be a smarty pants and boost your Klout score, schedule your #ff tweets in advance.
Don’t know where to start? As a starter for 10 check out : Buffer-Twuffer-Tweetdeck-Hootsuite.

Just do-it
Go on. Admit it. Getting a #ff gives you a little lift. Something to share-&-retweet.
Especially if it’s a solo tweet. Does wonders for your [...]

Sister Snog loves : The magic of numbers (Part I)

What number’s your brand?
There’s a whole host of brands directly linked to numerology. One’s loved by chocoholics. Who can resist an After Eight! And do you remember Bar 6? Crispy chocolate wrapped in purple foil. Felt like buried treasure. Some numbers are linked to luxury-&-glamour. In 1952, Marilyn Monroe was asked by Life magazine : ‘What do you wear in bed? Pyjamas?” Her response “Chanel No. 5”. An association budgets just couldn’t buy. Numbers and brands seem to go hand-in-hand in so many sectors – from drink through to food and fashion – 5 Alive, Heinz 57, 4711 Cologne, Miss Sixty and, on that hotter-than-hot summer’s day in the park, a 99. With two of the crumbliest Flake-iest-Flakes if you’re feeling a bit Miss Piggy.

Sister Snog loves the number seven
Then there’s the number seven. A recent poll by Alex Bellos, a British writer, broadcaster and mathematician, declared seven the world’s favourite number. It’s the magic number worn by Ms Lady Luck. It’s both sinful-&-virtuous, wonderful-&-magnificent and even a little heavenly. There are seven planets of the Solar System. Seven days of the week (or eight if you’re a Beatles’ fan). Ever stopped to think why JK Rowling decided to bring Harry and Tom Riddle to blows in the Deathly Hallows and made Voldemort create seven horcruxes rather than six or eight. There’s magic in the number seven. Not to mention Fido-Dido’s fave tipple of lemon-&-lime fizz. There are two ‘Seven Sisters’, the Elms in North London and the cliffs in East Sussex. Seven houses at #snogtowers, #sevensomethings on the #snogblog. A monthly event where seven Sisters get to step into the spotlight, pitch with passion and tell the story of their business at the #7minuteshowcase. [...]

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