The future’s a gorgeously powerful thing. It gives the energy to fulfil goals, dream a little dream & visualise a bright future. If you’re on a mission to build a beautiful brand, take a look at the crystal ball, to see if there’s a hint of  tomorrow’s trends that could guide you today. Predicting The Next Big Thing is something sassy women in business would all love to do. So it helps when there’s an expert around. Such as the legendary Faith Popcorn. A futurist who’s been predicting the future for over thirty years. She’s a trends trailblazer who managed to predict things we now take for granted. Such as home delivery, home businesses & home shopping. Not-to-mention social media, where naturally she has a healthy following.

The way women think-&-behave is impacting business, causing a marketing shift away from a hierarchical model toward a relational one. My uber-truth is that women don’t buy brands, they join them – stated Faith Popcorn when she was interviewed by MarketingSherpa.

Brands women love
Many moons ago Sister Snog dipped into a book called EVEolution. In it, Faith Popcorn shared her view of ‘the eight truths’ behind creating a brand that appeals to women. That was way back in 2002 – yet these truths have remained at the forefront of the Sister Snog brand as it’s gone from infancy through to adolescence:

1.  Connecting your female consumers to each other connects them to your brand
2.  If you’re marketing to one of her lives, you’re missing all the others
3.  If she has to ask – it’s too late
4.  Market to her peripheral vision & she will see you in a whole new light
5.  Walk, run, go to her to secure her loyalty forever
6.  This generation of women consumers will lead you to the next
7.  Co-parenting is the best way to raise a brand
8.  Everything matters – you can’t hide behind a logo

A brand with heart-&-soul
Faith Popcorn’s book provided a brand blueprint that helped establish what Sister Snog wanted members to say about the brand when it wasn’t in the room. Another book – Lovemarks – captured the essence of the brand. Together these two inspirational reads formed the foundations of a strategy for establishing a set of values that lay at the head, heart & guts of the brand. But emotional connection & engagement sits at the core. A living currency according to Carole Bozkurt from The Blueprint Practice:

Although your brand is made up of a number of elements, it’s ‘emotion’ that is the currency of business growth. Without it you will not be able to connect with your customers-&-clients in a way that deepens the relationship. So dig deep. Get emotional. It’s the stuff all great brands, large-or-small, are made of.

If you take the first truth of EVEolution, connecting your clients-&-customers to each other connects them to your brand. Sister Snog is a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurial women who connect through live events and social media.

It you’d like to make your brand pop – connect with Sister Snog on Saturday 29th November at a Branding Masterclass and find out more about how Sister Snog can help you create #brandsparkle through social engagement.