Dolly Parton sang about love being like a butterfly. As soft-&-gentle as a sigh. Love (as well as a palm-sweating debut in front of an audience of anything from one to a hundred ) also makes butterflies appear. Topsy turvy somersaults in the pit of the stomach. Otherwise known as the collywobbles. Ever wondered where those fluttery feelings come from? Well – in certain circles – the stomach is thought of as ‘the second brain‘. That’s because it contains 100 million neurons. Directly linked to our grey matter. Perhaps that’s why gut instinct is so powerful. In both decisions of the heart – as well as in business. Intuition it seems is becoming the number one driving force in decision making.

Guts & gigabytes
A recent report commissioned by the big boys at  PwC  has found that business leaders take major business decisions based less on fact and more on feeling. They believe gut instinct and experience (41%), as well as the experience of others (31%), is of more importance than data-&-analytics (which got the bronze medal with 23%). Intuition involves an emotional, largely unconscious approach to decision making and problem solving. Often seen as a female trait associated with ‘soft power’.

Business & the goddess of love
It seems feminine values are on the ascent and increasingly being seen as the key to a brighter future. The Athena Doctine, a New York Times best seller, shows femininity is the operating system of 21st century prosperity. Author John Gerzema surveyed 64,000 people. Drawing from interviews at innovative organisations, in eighteen nations and at Fortune 500 boardrooms, he revealed these are seen as the main traits of a red-hot future. Vulnerability is now a strength. Collaboration builds power houses. And nurturing creates a success culture.

Madame Butterfly
Looks like the caterpillar is about to turn into a butterfly. One of the most beautiful things Mother Nature has ever created. Multi-faceted & magical, butterflies conjure up images of sunshine and meadows. Summer gardens teaming with life. Flowers that are propellors with wings. Colourful. Elegant-&-varied. All the things a stand-out business should be. Time to break out of the cocoon and shed the wrinkly skin. Goodbye men from Mars. Hello women from Venus.

A little flutter makes a big difference
Did you know tiny actions of a butterfly fluttering its wings can actually tip a balance on planet. The flapping of a butterfly’s wings – creating tiny changes in the atmosphere – can have a mammoth impact that leads to violent weather conditions elsewhere on the planet. Known as The Butterfly Effect. Simply put. Tiny changes can make a massive difference.

Become a social butterfly
Anyone who pitches up at the social media cocktail party knows a tweet can become viral, spreading like wildfire, a pin can become a carrier pigeon, pinned-&-repinned over and over again or a single Instagram post a day can make 100 new friends in a session. That’s why being a social butterfly is a must for anyone heading to Success City.

A love affair with butterflies
Sister Snog’s members are all butterflies. Go-getting empire builders who’ve hopped on the entrepreneurial merry-go-round. Being an entrepreneur of the female flavour requires a major metamorphosis-&-transformation. For anyone willing to follow their passion and live the dream. Which is why the Sister Snog brand goes hand-in-hand with all the symbolism-&-meaning of the butterfly.

Where are you on your entrepreneurial journey? Hatching an idea. A hungry caterpillar feasting on knowledge to help your idea grow and take shape. Enveloped in a cocoon or ready to spread your butterfly wings and fly with the other butterflies in the meadow. 

Inspired by Andrea James of Quintessential Consulting. Avid blogger on the art-&-science of decision making and creator of the Decisions Made training programme, which helps improve the quality of  ‘gut’ decisions by increasing awareness of the common pitfalls of basic intuitive thinking.