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Sister Snog loves : Telling a tale

Ever heard of the Society for Storytelling? It was set up to promote-&-celebrate the oldest art form in the world. Almost every day there’s a storytelling event happening. Somewhere. Tomorrow, Saturday 31st January 2015, kicks off National Storytelling Week. A week of gorgeous, gritty tales held around the UK, that’s now in its 15th year. From Birmingham to Billericay, the pop-up festival caters for everyone. From the young to the young at heart. Toddlers. Teens-&-tweens. Twentysomethings. Silver surfers. In fact anyone who appreciates the art of telling a tale. Storytelling is set to become one of the biggest business skills within the next five years. Goodbye PowerPoint. Hello to ‘Once upon a time…’

The professional storyteller
There are very few responses to the infamous elevator pitch that would actually get 99 out of 100 people pricking up their ears with curiosity. Apart from the immortal three words in three seconds (rather than sixty): ‘I’m a Storyteller’. The age old tradition is now very much a profession and storytelling is a career. There’s even a qualification for it. Haven’t come across it as a degree subject as yet, but that’s not to say this wouldn’t happen in the future. For now, if you want to learn the art of storytelling check out The International School of Storytelling based in East Sussex. Or if you want to book a Storyteller they’re listed in the – you’ve guessed it – Storytellers’ Directory.

It’s a crack!
If you fancy hanging out with some cooler than cool storytellers in London Town head over to The Crick Crack Club. Quite possibly the ‘UK’s most vivid and exciting storytelling organisation’ (according to Ian McMillan of The Times). They’re a pretty active bunch in [...]

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Sister Snog loves : All the colours of the rainbow

Loomin’ fantastic!
Rainbows are one of Mother Nature’s wonders. They create a multi coloured riot. They also crop up again-&-again in the world of the savvy entrepreneur. Who’d have thought rubber bands could lead to a global phenomenon worth millions. ‘Rainbow Looms’ is the rags-to-riches story of the decade. A blockbuster starring Cheong Cheon. If neccesity is the mother of invention, his kids were the catalyst to the jackpot as today the ‘Loom band craze’ has gone crazy. Even celebrities including Kate Midleton & Pope Francis have been spotted wearing a loom bracelet in public.

Rainbows owe their beauty to an array of colours coming together. Perhaps that’s why brands have been following the rainbow for quite-some-time too. The Biggest of the Big Guns have done it. Apple’s rainbow logo was the symbol of the company from 1977 to 1998 and has become one of the most iconic logos in design history. Microsoft married MSN with a butterfly while NBC, the oldest broadcast network in the States, took inspiration from a peacock to symbolise their first colour TV transmissions. Super brands such as Polaroid, Google & Ebay have all used bursts of colour as a hallmark. Even good ol’ BT got in on the rainbow act.

Find your rainbow with Sister Snog
Sister Snog has also joined the party by adopting a technicolour dress code at the first business event of 2015 to reflect the eclectic mix and variety of sectors represented by members. Just as Apple notoriously banished beige from the desktop, Sister Snog always adds a splash of creative flair to every business event, leaving Sisters to put their individual spin on it. January’s #fabulousfriday lunch was awash with hot primary shades of red, [...]

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Seven somethings : 7 stunningly different versions of ‘Over the Rainbow’ (OTR)

Over the Rainbow : Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
Hawaii. Not a bad destination for somewhere over the rainbow.
‘Iz’ and his uke make this a perennial fave with Josephine Public and Big Brands.
What well-known song best suits your brand?

Over the Rainbow : Jackie Wilson
Somewhere over the rainbow there’s someone who sings with a voice like this.
And his version of OTR is full-on, rhapsodic swoon-some joy.
Sisters – share it on a #soulfulsunday.

Over the Rainbow : John Martyn
Evokes a clear, crisp winter’s day, complete with hearth, smoke and amber flames.
Something to warm every cockle at the end of daily business.
A warm toddy of a tune. The perfect ice-breaker.

Over the Rainbow : Jewel
Every note teased and caressed in this gorgeous re-working for kids, young-&-old.
Jewel’s remedy for a stressed out working day is to write a song-or-two.
What’s your rescue remedy?

Over the Rainbow : Stan Getz
Here’s a man who guarantees a smooth ride to the Pot-of-Gold.
The sound of sophistication. Popping corks and cocktails under neon and skyscrapers.
Something slinky to slip into on the way to an awards show.

Over the Rainbow : Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli
A big-bouncy-beautiful rendition from two giants of jumpin’ jazz.
Django strums, then picks. Stephane bows, then strokes.
The perfect partnership always creates a playful palette.

Over the Rainbow : Judy Garland
Thumbs up from the pundits across the pond.
Dorothy clicks her kitten heels and all’s well in the Land of Oz.
So get yourself a pair of ruby slippers. Laboutins of course.


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Social musings : The power of storytelling

Social musings : Make those goals big-hairy-&-audacious

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Seven somethings : 7 social trends that are set to ignite in 2015

Storytelling : Good stories surprise. Great stories stick.
There’s a Native American proverb that states ‘Those who tell the stories rule the world’.
Storytelling is a timeless skill that connects with the hearts-&-minds of an audience.
In 2015 the Art of Storytelling will lie at the heart of a first class social media strategy.

Social video : Powerful storytelling that’s visual-personal-&-emotional
Original video is perfect way to create entertaining, attention grabbing content.
2015 is the year of video marketing. Create your very own platform on YouTube or Vimeo.
Start a Vlog to complement your blog or capture the moment & share it on Vine or Instagram.

Slideshare : Compelling content that’s made for sharing
Heads up for Slideshare – the quiet giant of content marketing – full of SEO juice.
Slideshare’s a smart step in 2015 if you want  to increase visibility & be known as an authority.
Anyone can become a thought leader. Just create-&-post astonishingly attractive content.

Mobile magic : Engaging with people on the move
2015 is set to be a whirlwind year for all things mobile as the tiny screen dominates the landscape.
Which is why websites that are not mobile ready could well be left out in the cold! Brrr!
Don’t be the brand that shoehorns a website to mobile. Be the brand that’s moves with the times.

Hyperpersonalisation :  Humanising brand experiences
Businesses-&-brands that show a digital personality infused with emotion will stand out in 2015.
Collaborative conversations and an approachable tone of voice will take digital to the next decibel.
Pump up your personality. Engage on human terms. Guaranteed to gain attention & hold on to it.

Hashtagism : The glue behind the conversation
It’s the year of the collaborative community as tribes with a [...]

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