Ever heard of the Society for Storytelling? It was set up to promote-&-celebrate the oldest art form in the world. Almost every day there’s a storytelling event happening. Somewhere. Tomorrow, Saturday 31st January 2015, kicks off National Storytelling Week. A week of gorgeous, gritty tales held around the UK, that’s now in its 15th year. From Birmingham to Billericay, the pop-up festival caters for everyone. From the young to the young at heart. Toddlers. Teens-&-tweens. Twentysomethings. Silver surfers. In fact anyone who appreciates the art of telling a tale. Storytelling is set to become one of the biggest business skills within the next five years. Goodbye PowerPoint. Hello to ‘Once upon a time…’

The professional storyteller
There are very few responses to the infamous elevator pitch that would actually get 99 out of 100 people pricking up their ears with curiosity. Apart from the immortal three words in three seconds (rather than sixty): ‘I’m a Storyteller. The age old tradition is now very much a profession and storytelling is a career. There’s even a qualification for it. Haven’t come across it as a degree subject as yet, but that’s not to say this wouldn’t happen in the future. For now, if you want to learn the art of storytelling check out The International School of Storytelling based in East Sussex. Or if you want to book a Storyteller they’re listed in the – you’ve guessed it – Storytellers’ Directory.

It’s a crack!
If you fancy hanging out with some cooler than cool storytellers in London Town head over to The Crick Crack Club. Quite possibly the ‘UK’s most vivid and exciting storytelling organisation’ (according to Ian McMillan of The Times). They’re a pretty active bunch in the land of social media. Bet they’d love a Facebook thumbs up or a follow on Twitter @CrickCrackClub. And if you get to one of their events be sure to leave a comment and tell the story of your night with the storytellers.

Storytime with Sister Snog
This year Sister Snog is on a mission. To make storytelling top of the list for all entrepreneurs. And create a platform for Sisters to tell their tales. That’s why in 2015 Sister Snog has introduced the #7minutestory to the events calendar. An evening where up to seven Sisters can step into the spotlight for seven minutes, to tell their business story in their unique-&-individual way, following a divine dinner of the tastiest-home-cooked food. The #7minutestory takes place at Lumiere London. A venue with character. A space full of curiosity-&-charm, that’s opened its doors to some of the coolest brands in Britain. Each month, Lumiere is magically transformed into #snogtowers for the evening.

Storytelling is an art. Do you have any top-tips or insightful insights on how to spice up a story so that it lingers in the memory and gets passed on in conversation?

This blog is inspired by the Sisters who told their stories at the launch of the #7minutestory on Wednesday 28th January 2015:

Ysanne Lewis : Catching The Wave 
Kicked off the evening in the storytelling chair and told a tale about meeting a Witch Doctor.
Lucie Gee : Mattioli Woods
Added spice to her story of how she became a pensions expert with a series of colourful cartoons.
Marta Derpenska : St. James’s Place Wealth Management
Made wealth management & tax planning the hot topic of the night by adding wit-charm-&-anecdotes.
Rhoda Nevins : Soft Impressions
Enchanted everyone with the story of the Magna Carta Embroidery Project.
Darshana Ubl : Entrevo UK
Went back in time to the day a supreme act of kindness transformed her life.