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Seven somethings : 7 heartfelt characteristics of a Connectress

Unless you work at Google or Disney fun-&-business don’t go hand-in-hand.
But they do when you connect with a Connectress.
Business becomes an experience with a capital ‘F’. Always a pleasure. Never a chore.

Being bold-daring-&-adventurous opens doors to new landscapes.
The Connectress is a novelty-seeker. The perfect travelling companion.
For anyone looking to hook up with someone with a sense of adventure.

Ambition is the fuel of success. A pillow for dreams. An all consuming passion.
The Connectress is climbing a ladder.
And understands how to create rungs of opportunity that turn dreams into reality.

Take two words. Bold-&-audacious. What happens when you add them together?
A perfect description of a Connectress. Bodacious!
An individual who adds the extra-factor to the ordinary to create the extra-ordinary.

Minding your Ps-&-Qs is all social etiquette.
The Connectress is a the Mistress of Modern Manners.
You’ll find she’ll always RSVP or find a creative way to say thank you.

In business (and life) there are givers, takers & matchers.
The Connectress has a no-strings-attached generosity of spirit.
Who is confident in the knowledge that what-goes-around-comes-around.

Curiosity cultivates creativity. It’s a work out for the mind. Exercise for the brain.
The Connectress is a curious character.
Who looks beneath the surface to discover new worlds, ideas & possibilities.

Seven somethings : 7 super ways to supercharge your LinkedIn profile

Say cheese & strike a pose
Blink! That’s how long you’ve got to create a lasting first impression.
Who’d have thought a 200 x 200 pixel photograph could be so potent and powerful.
Don’t be sinful. Go professional. Invest in a headshot and get your thumbnail turning heads.

Head turning headline
LinkedIn is full of ‘say-nothing’ headlines.
Those 120 characters represent your chance to stand out, be an expert or own a niche.
Make yours memorable and stuff it full of attention-grabbing key words.

Be accessible. Be contactable. Be a social butterfly.
Make it easy to send you an email, phone you at the office or visit your website.
Drive visitors to your blog. Get followers on Twitter & fans on Facebook.

Tell your story
If you think LinkedIn’s little more than a glorified CV, think again. Think Jackanory!
It’s a global go-to destination for the business community to link-up with like-minds-they-like.
People like people who have common interests or went to the same school!

All-Star profile
Did you know only 50.5% of LinkedIn profiles are 100% complete.  Tsk! tsk to the other 49.5%.
Google loves a complete All-Star profile. It improves visibility-&-findability.
Squeeze the pips out of your profile & provide multiple ways to find, link & engage with you.

Post & share
Once you’ve got a tip-top ‘All-Star’ profile, the job is only half done.
Keep adding colour to it. Ask for recommendations. Take advantage of LinkedIn Today.
Keep your profile fresh by posting-&-sharing content. Daily if you can. Weekly if you must.

LinkedIn is your very own business boutique brimming with all manner of business candy.
Share your knowledge & you’ll get paid for your expertise.
Go wild with presentations-&-animations, videos-&-audios to make yours a [...]

Social musings : Happily ever after

Seven somethings : 7 ways to show a little social emotion with emoticons :-)

Of all the social media channels Facebook has to be the perfect emoticon playground.
It’s where friends-fans-&-raving-fans are most likely to express themselves. So be expressive.
And if you want to get carried away take a trip to

140 characters means brevity is key in Twitterland. Even better if you can tweet in 120 characters.
Increases the likelihood of a RT.  Want to enhance your chit-chat & make your characters count?
Go to TwitterKeys. Full of simple symbols that speak volumes you’re sure to ♥.

Blogs & bloggers
If you’re a blogger then put some emotion into your blog with an emoticon.
Posts with emoticons spur likes & comments. Don’t hide your feelings.
And when you comment on a blog post add a ‘smiley or winkey’ for an extra dollop of emotion.

Texts-&-emoticons go together like rhubarb-&-custard. They’re the modern hieroglyph.
Skip the pleasantries. Get to the point quickly. Doesn’t mean you can’t add the human touch.
Learn the language of the emoticon. (Make sure your friends learn it too) Or create your own 😉

LinkedIn is very much the social hangout of the professional at work. Very pinstripe-&-proper.
However that’s not to say the you can’t include a 🙂 or :-D. It’s a compliment after all.
Everyone’s human. Even Big Cheeses & Chairmen. Best to avoid big-yellow-smileys though!

If you’ve embraced email marketing, how about adding an emoticon to the subject header.
Something eye-catching & attention grabbing. Maybe even a splash of colour.
Link to your brand, business or subject matter of the email. Then test it to see if it works for you.

Get yourself a Gravatar. That’s a Globally Recognised Avatar. A kind of Victorian calling card.
Use it when [...]

Thumbs up : Couple Fire

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