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Sister Snog loves : Polka dot power

Things get even more interesting when two dots become four, four become eight, eight become sixteen and sixteen become thirty two. That’s when dots become polka dots and a lone symbol turns into a sea of spots. The term Polka goes way back to the mid 19th century. It started life as a simple-yet-lively spin around the floor and became a dance craze that swept the world in a whirl. It was such a sensation that the word (which meant ‘Polish woman’ in Bohemian) became a buzz word. Spots hit the limelight and made it into the spotlight.

A fashionable sweet spot
The 20th century saw the beginning of polka dot’s lasting role in fashion history. Coco Chanel went dotty about dots in the 1920s, while America’s love affair with the polka dot began when Miss America was photographed in a polka dot swimsuit. In the 1930s the silhouette of the time was soft-&-flowing with a flurry of chiffon-&-silk, dotted with the neatness of regimented spots. Polka dots then were usually small-&-dainty, aspirin or pindot size on midnight black, nautical navy or red-hot-red. Mickey Mouse’s muse, Minnie dressed in a polka dot rah-rah skirt with matching bow, while the First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt often appeared in polka dotted dresses.

A spot of glamour
The ladylike print graced the gowns of Hollywood glamour queens such as Monroe-&-Taylor, while Ms Hepburn graced the screen in pink-polkas, satin coat & tiara in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. During the same time period the polka dot accrued a highbrow style currency when Christian Dior began to release his notable ‘new look’ hourglass dresses emblazoned with spotted prints. Mary Quant had a fashion field day in the swinging 60s. She went completely dotty, printing polka dots on mini-dresses-tights-shoes-&-gloves [...]

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Seven somethings : 7 ways to harmonise your social footprint

Find your story, take centre stage & tell it with style
Social media allows you to play out your very own Netflix original.
Great storyline, full of characters, twists-&-turns with evolving story lines.
Step into the lead role. Keep the script engaging-&-entertaining & get ready to get a gong.

Find your social voice & stick to it
If we’re talking tone of voice, the nature of social media has given rise to a new age of brevity.
Words-&-meanings have become squashed. Single word sentences have made an appearance.
Txt talk is prolific. The key is consistency. And staying true to your brand personality.

Join the dots with a digital dashboard
Dashboards spread content across multiple platforms.
Take a pew & start scheduling, days-weeks-or-even-months ahead.
Then, as if by magic, your footprint will be seen in two (or three) places at once.

Splash your signature colour here, there & everywhere
Colour’s evocative. It’s enticing. And has its very own language.
Every brand has a primary palette. With secondary hues-shades-&-tones.
Use your palette to paint pictures, that’ll make platforms snap-crackle-&-pop.

Glue your social activity together with #hashtags
#Hashtags are like magnets. They pull content together into a single campaign.
Social sign posts that are clickable-&-sharable. That direct traffic to your door.
If you’re serious about social media, get a suite of #hashtags you can call your own.

Leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs in cyberspace
Drop crumbs of content where your audiences are likely to find them.
About you. Your brand. Your values. Your mission, vision & proposition.
Make them enticing. Make them persuasive, so one crumb leads to another as the story unfolds.

Squeeze every last drop out of your content
Prolong the life cycle of your content. Reduce. Re-use. Re-cycle-&-up-cycle.