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Sister Snog loves : Hats off to Hilary Alexander

The First Lady of Fashion
If Zandra Rhodes is the Doyenne of British fashion then Hilary Alexander is the Doyenne of British fashionistas. Born in New Zealand she’s made London her home for over 30 years. And journalism her career. She was the Fashion Director of The Telegraph until she hit ‘retirement age’. And announced her semi-retirement on Twitter on 17th February 2011 to her national-&-international #tweetmates-&-followers (and what a following!). Seems that the ‘Hilary Effect’ is contagious and over her amazing career she’s clearly gained utter respect from the people she’s worked closely with. And has been recognised by the industry she loves that loves her. Twice named British Fashion Journalist of the Year at the British Fashion Awards, she was awarded the title Visiting Professor by the University of the Arts and an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Design by Nottingham Trent University. In 2011 she was awarded the special Eugenia Sheppard Media Award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Hilary Alexander : The Eighth Wonder of the World
Throughout her tireless career Hilary Alexander has reported from international fashion shows. She’s styled fashion shoots all over the world. She’s reviewed hundreds of catwalk shows every season and interviewed fashion’s biggest stars. She’s helped shape the headlines. And as a parting au revoir she made the headlines as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ in a spoof front page created for her by her pals at The Telegraph. It’s clear she and her collection of hats will be missed. But as this tribute video shows – the door to the catwalk will always remain ajar. The BFC chairman Harold Tillman reflected the thoughts of the many when he said:
She deserves [...]

A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven Bs of a #bijoubrand

BRAND B.U.S.T. : Distills a big brand idea into a sizzling single thought
A #bijoubrand’s claim to fame is an idea that’s Big-Unique-Simple-&-True.
The idea is condensed into a wonderful word. With a powerful punch. Baked into the brand.
Sister Snog has a B.U.S.T. It’s SEDUCTION. What’s yours?

BRAND Bug : Turns a logo into an ident
TV channels create watermarks with digitally originated graphics. Known as DOGs. Or bugs.
Mini-idents that sit in a corner of the screen. Flags of ownership with a starring role.
For #bijoubrands that are far sighted enough to make a mark on Youtube or Vimeo.

BRAND BHAGs : Point a #bijoubrand in the direction of the moon-&-stars
They’re big. Massive in fact. Hairy. And audacious. With a capital A.
A #bijoubrand has goals that make eyes water and toes curl.
And sheer determination to succeed. Which is what sets them apart. From the rest.

BRAND Blueprint : Knits-&-weaves the elements of a #bjioubrand together
Every conscious business & #bijoubrand has a blueprint.
It’s a written plan with the steps required to build a brand with rock-solid foundations.
Brands connect-align-&-engage. The blueprint is a silk thread that crafts a catwalk brand.

BRAND Boom : Makes goosebumps appear 
The right sound at the right time has the power to tell a rich story.
A boom moment occurs when a distinctive sound aligns itself with a #bijoubrand.
It triggers emotions. Makes people pay attention. Or evokes a moment of nostalgia.

BRAND Beliefs : Nestle in the soul of a #bijoubrand
A #bijoubrand has a belief system. Something compelling-&-contagious.
That conveys what a brand stands for. They’re evocative & link to emotions.
They’re ideals-&-concepts which a #bijou brand holds to be true.

BRAND Beacons : Shine a brilliant light [...]

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A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven As of a #bijoubrand

BRAND Alphabet : Encompasses the A-Z of a #bijoubrand
Brands are complex creatures, made up of  layers of individualism.
Creating a brand alphabet is a way to build up those layers. From A-Z.
A soup-to-nuts approach that takes a brand from authenticity to the zeitgeist.

BRAND Authenticity : Embraces everything that’s real-honest-&-true
Being the real deal lies at the heart-&-soul of a #bijoubrand.
No porkies, fakes-or-flakes. The person with the purse is far too smart for that.
Authenticity is about promises that can be delivered by brands that truly care.

BRAND Architecture : Lays the bricks-&-mortar of a #bijoubrand
#bijoubrands are robust, sturdy & stick around.
Like some of the most amazing buildings around the world.
Conceived with love-&-passion, they flourish as they’re built on solid foundations.

BRAND Animation : Brings #bijoubrands to life
Creating a #bijoubrand is one thing. Making it dance-&-sing is another.
Animation is the way brands interact with their world & the world at large.
The channels they choose. The messages they convey. And the stories they tell.

BRAND Amour : Leads to a happily-ever-after 
Brand building and romance go together like a horse-&-carriage.
A gentle courtship full of hearts-flowers-&-favours. It’s a love-thing.
#bijoubrands reach the heart to create emotional connections full of amour.

BRAND Alchemy : Adds the Midas touch to a #bijoubrand
Alchemy is an ancient art. Alchemists turned lead into gold (allegedly).
It’s also a science,  based around the idea of transformation. From the inside out.
Brand alchemy takes brands from good to great, from stand-out to outstanding.

BRAND Anarchy : Shakes up the landscape
Brands that get talked about make it into the hall of fame.
They’re memorable. They’re bold and dare to be daring. Even disruptive.
Brand anarchy turns whispers into [...]

Sister Snog Loves : Dame-&-doyenne of British Fashion

The Princess of Punk becomes a Dame
In 1977 she pioneered the pink and black jersey collection with holes and beaded safety pins that earned her the name of “Princess of Punk”. Imagine being instrumental in making safety pins a fashion statement. Her famous punk garments have been an example for other designers to follow. She has been designated as a “punk hero” by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in their recent (May, 2013) exhibition “PUNK: Chaos to Couture”. Quite an accolade for someone who’ll is in her sumptuous 70s. Not to mention her recent trip to Buckingham Palace in February where she was bestowed the title of Dame as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours. Zandra Rhodes has certainly made her mark on the landscape – packed it in and has an absolutely fabulous fan base and diverse client list to die for.

The Zandra Rhodes Fan Club
Her fans have included Diana, Princess of Wales, Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor and Freddie Mercury of the rock group ’Queen’. She continues to clothe and design for the rich and famous around the world from royalty to rock stars including: HRH Princess Michael of Kent, Debbie Harry, Bianca Jagger, Kylie Minogue, Anastasia, Paris Hilton, Joan Rivers and the late Isabella Blow. Zandra’s dresses are the ultimate dress-up dress. Helen Mirren, star of “The Queen” wore a Zandra Rhodes when she received her award from BAFTA and Sarah Jessica Parker dressed up in a Zandra for “Sex and the City”. Her vintage pieces have long been collected by Tom Ford and Anna Sui and have been worn by Kelly Osbourne, Ashley Olsen, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

The wonderous world of Zandra Rhodes
Zandra Rhodes’ collections are sold [...]

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