BRAND Alphabet : Encompasses the A-Z of a #bijoubrand
Brands are complex creatures, made up of  layers of individualism.
Creating a brand alphabet is a way to build up those layers. From A-Z.
A soup-to-nuts approach that takes a brand from authenticity to the zeitgeist.

BRAND Authenticity : Embraces everything that’s real-honest-&-true
Being the real deal lies at the heart-&-soul of a #bijoubrand.
No porkies, fakes-or-flakes. The person with the purse is far too smart for that.
Authenticity is about promises that can be delivered by brands that truly care.

BRAND Architecture : Lays the bricks-&-mortar of a #bijoubrand
#bijoubrands are robust, sturdy & stick around.
Like some of the most amazing buildings around the world.
Conceived with love-&-passion, they flourish as they’re built on solid foundations.

BRAND Animation : Brings #bijoubrands to life
Creating a #bijoubrand is one thing. Making it dance-&-sing is another.
Animation is the way brands interact with their world & the world at large.
The channels they choose. The messages they convey. And the stories they tell.

BRAND Amour : Leads to a happily-ever-after 
Brand building and romance go together like a horse-&-carriage.
A gentle courtship full of hearts-flowers-&-favours. It’s a love-thing.
#bijoubrands reach the heart to create emotional connections full of amour.

BRAND Alchemy : Adds the Midas touch to a #bijoubrand
Alchemy is an ancient art. Alchemists turned lead into gold (allegedly).
It’s also a science,  based around the idea of transformation. From the inside out.
Brand alchemy takes brands from good to great, from stand-out to outstanding.

BRAND Anarchy : Shakes up the landscape
Brands that get talked about make it into the hall of fame.
They’re memorable. They’re bold and dare to be daring. Even disruptive.
Brand anarchy turns whispers into headlines and followers into fans.