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Sister Snog loves : Bitter-sweet-sweet-spots

Cappuccino commerce
The love affair between coffee-&-commerce can be traced to way-back. Take Lloyd’s of London, which started life as a modest coffee shop and very quickly became the hub-&-hangout for merchants, ship owners and insurance brokers. Movers-&-groovers of the mercantile world. Trade was never off the menu and this little café off Tower Street developed into the world’s leading market in marine insurance.

Piped coffee
Interestingly the background sounds of cafés-&-coffee shops are so conducive to work, they are even being piped into offices. It seems they have just the right amount of noise-&-movement to inspire creativity. If you can’t make it to a coffee shop, Coffivity’s the perfect alternative, that’ll pipe the sound of coffee-buzz straight to your ears. Honestly! Give it a go.

A Taste of Sister Snog
The sweet spot Sister Snog loves the most is in Covent Garden. More Salon de Thé than humble coffee shop,
BB Bakery is nestled on the corner of Chandos Place. This is where Sister Snog hangs out every Tuesday to meet prospective members of The Tribe who are serious about joining.

An oasis of style-&-taste
A boutique bakery that’s a pure delight. Viennoiserie-&-patisserie sit side-by-side with cupcakes-&-cookies, meringues-&-macarons. Croques-&-quiches are served with an ample garnish of salad. And fresh baguettes, brimming with filling and a side order of vegetable crisps, turn lunch into luncheon. The walls are a canvas dressed with  illustrations of leggy ladies sitting on phone boxes, taking their pooch for a walk, flipping a crêpe or heading out to shop-till-they-drop. The windows are a gallery of illustrious sugar frosted sculptures, adorned with an eclectic array of embellishments. Butterflies. Paper parasols. Jewels-&-gemstones. All originals.

See you for a scone
If coffee shops have become an unofficial office, then [...]

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A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven Ds of a #bijoubrand

BRAND DNA : Articulates the genetic code of a #bijoubrand
Every #bijoubrand digs deep to pinpoint a set of attributes that create stand-out appeal.
A strong point of view, bundle of values, standards of performance & guiding principles make up the DNA.
Which is then packaged into a distinctive brand experience. That’s worth sharing-&-shouting about.

BRAND Delight : Fuels passionate relationships between a #bijoubrand & its customers
Delightful surprises & random acts of kindness can transform the customer experience.
These feel-good moments generate a warm buzzing feeling that can literally make someone’s day.
That’s why brand delight is the lynchpin of a long-term-loyalty strategy of every #bijoubrand.

BRAND Doodles : Live in the mind’s-eye as pictures of a #bijoubrand
Contrary to popular opinion, doodling is a serious endeavor. Just ask Google.
A #bijoubrand passes the brand doodle test with flying colours because it’s bursting with visual equity.
And clients-&-customers can doodle an image of the logo. From memory. Because it’s so memorable.

BRAND Disruption : Finds challenging ways for a #bijoubrand to accelerate its growth
Truly disruptive brands challenge established conventions of the marketplace.
They’re bold. Daring. They’re not afraid to step out of the mould of their industry & refuse to sit still.
The power of disruption lies in the unexpected, the different, the unconventional. It’s a mind-blowing-mindset.

BRAND Depth : Creates new streams of customer value
Brand depth is a key indicator of a how a #bijoubrand innovates to stay fresh-&-refreshing.
It creates a like-minded community of brand loyalists who have a real sense of belonging.
It ignites passion-&-devotion amongst its followers & turns fans into cheerleaders.

BRAND Differentation : Crushes the competition by daring to be different
Winning brands aren’t playing it safe. They’re fearless-&-brave. And very [...]

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Seven somethings : 7 days of a #socialbutterfly

MONDAY : #meetupmonday (#mum)
Monday, Monday, so good to me.
Jump out of bed & say hello to the beginning of the working week.
Who can you arrange to hook-up-with-&-meet-up-with this week. Or next?

TUESDAY : #telephonetuesday (#tt)
I was sitting by the phone. I was waiting all alone.
Here’s an idea that’s guaranteed to zhoosh up your day. Pick up the dog-&-bone.
Make a random call. Blast from the past. Client of tomorrow. Or bolt from the blue.

WEDNESDAY : #wahoowednesday : (#ww)
I got my head checked by a jumbo jet. It wasn’t easy but nothing is.
All that effort’s really worth it. So celebrate it.
Shout out about about something good, great or awesome.

THURSDAY : #tvmthursday (#tvmt)
That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me..
Thank you. Two little words that speak volumes.
Make every Thursday the day when you say your thank yous.

FRIDAY : #followfriday (#ff)
Friday’s child was born to give.
Who lifted your spirits this week? Who did you meet who deserves a tweet?
Don’t be bashful. Be social. And become the Follow Friday It-Girl (or Boy).

SATURDAY : #natterdaysaturday (#ndsd)
An ordinary girl can make the world alright.
Saturday is all about being you.
Let the world know what you’re up to.

SUNDAY : #soulfulsunday (#ss)
Here we all are, sitting in a rainbow.
Roasts. Papers. Markets. Parks. Family. Friends.
Or your fave track. Made for sharing.

Sister Snog loves : Double Acts

Two to Tango
The world loves a good double act and partnerships enhance the good life. We’re conditioned to strive for successful, long-lasting marriages. Celebrating milestone anniversaries – silver, gold, diamonds & rubies. The same is true in the world of business. Life is said to be better with someone alongside you. And being in business with a partner is better than going at it alone. Nothing in business is more rewarding. Speaking from personal experience.

Two heads are better than one
Strong-solid-soulful partnerships make people happier than they’d be if they worked alone. There’s always someone else to experience the challenging lows & the ecstatic highs. There’s another person in the trenches with their tin helmet on. Someone to pop the champagne and celebrate with. Like in any successful marriage, business partners find ways to get around the daily dilemmas every business faces.

There’s a common trend and purpose in the perfect partnership. Shared values for one. A similar work ethic. A sense of humour. A thirst for adventure. Most well-rounded pairs recognise their individual weaknesses-&-limitations and draw on each other’s strengths, without being uncomfortable about that vulnerability. They respect what they both bring to the party. At the same time, the double act should ideally feature complementary personalities. If one is has blue-sky-thinking extrovert tendencies, the other should be more of a measured introvert. If one of you is good at starting things, the other should be an expert finisher. If you are no good with figures find someone who is.

Find a foil
So, the message for entrepreneurs is that the success of your business is not just about the merits of your idea. It’s about your ability to find your ‘foil’. Someone [...]

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Teach you how to buy good wedding dresses

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The cutout lace neck helps giving a subtle but alluring look. Shaped in drop waist silhoutte, the bodice is covered in floral lace all over, with a thin lace band under the bust. Sheer V-back with buttons features a subtle sexy feeling, this dress will draw all eyes on you.

This stunning ball gown features a strapless, sweetheart neckline with lace throughout the bodice. The waistline is accented with lace floral, while cut out lace florals  cascades on to the skirt. The skirt is conbined with satin chaple train at the back with beautiful cut out lace florals on the bottom and train.This elegant A-line ball gown is closed with lace up back.

Lace & Tulle/Stretch Charmeuse/ Double Faced Satin Ribbon. Bateau neckline wedding gown. Cap sleeves with ivory lace appliques, illusion bodice with lace appliques cascading down into skirt. Tulle A-line skirt. Puddle Train. Pearl buttons from top of back to waist. Double faced satin ribbon waistband.

Queen Anne neckline a-line keyhole back lace wedding dress.


A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven Cs of a #bijoubrand

BRAND #chitter-chatter : Engages through light-&-lively chit-chat & a good old chin-wag
The days of monologue marketing are numbered. Digital dialogues have stepped in.
Today the Holy Grail is ‘share of talk’ rather than ‘share of voice’ in order to land a bigger ‘share of purse’.
A #bijoubrand is a great conversationalist. The perfect guest at the social media cocktail party.

BRAND Charter : Keeps a #bijoubrand on course
A #bijoubrand has a set of guiding principles that telegraphs what it stands for.
They define-justify-&-appropriate the brand. Sister Snog has 7 #ships of its brand charter.
Entrepreneurship + ownership + leadership + membership + partnership + fellowship + friendship.

BRAND Cheerleaders : Sing the praises of a #bijoubrand
Cheerleaders are brand champions with pom-poms. Vocal advocates with lots to say.
Genuine fans who’ll rave about a #bijoubrand and wave the flag at every opportunity.
On social media, at a dinner party, on their blog or while they’re out-&-about. Priceless!

BRAND Currency : Creates attention-grabbing brands that cut through the clutter
Attention’s the new brand currency of marketing. Hard to get. Harder to keep once you get it.
We’re all attention challenged  in a marketplace thats more cluttered than ever before.
Attention is what all brands crave. It’s what a #bijoubrand attracts. A.I.D.A principle at work.

BRAND Culture : Shapes a #bijoubrand internally & ignites it externally
Passion in the workplace leads to a glowing reputation in the marketplace.
Because no amount of creative marketing will overshadow the lack of a strong culture.
A #bijoubrand’s culture’s robust. 100% authentic. It stands by its values & acts on them every day.

BRAND Charisma : Attracts loyal evangelists to the point of devotion
Charismatic brands are full of class-&-charm with a magnetism that [...]

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