It was a sad day when Richard Briers passed away. On 17th February 2013. He had an eccentric charm. Particularly as Tom Good in The Good Life. One of the most popular of British sitcoms. In The Good Life’s first episode, Tom Good quits his job on his 40th birthday. Frustrated by office life, he decides to live a completely self-sufficient existence with his wife Barbara. Fast forward to the present day where the frustrations of the boardroom have led to thousands of people quitting their salaried lives to create their own version of the ‘good life’ as entrepreneurs. Many successful-&-famous-businesses-&-brands today have a double act at the helm of the ship. Because ‘one plus one is a lot more than two’.

Two to Tango
The world loves a good double act and partnerships enhance the good life. We’re conditioned to strive for successful, long-lasting marriages. Celebrating milestone anniversaries – silver, gold, diamonds & rubies. The same is true in the world of business. Life is said to be better with someone alongside you. And being in business with a partner is better than going at it alone. Nothing in business is more rewarding. Speaking from personal experience.

Two heads are better than one
Strong-solid-soulful partnerships make people happier than they’d be if they worked alone. There’s always someone else to experience the challenging lows & the ecstatic highs. There’s another person in the trenches with their tin helmet on. Someone to pop the champagne and celebrate with. Like in any successful marriage, business partners find ways to get around the daily dilemmas every business faces.

There’s a common trend and purpose in the perfect partnership. Shared values for one. A similar work ethic. A sense of humour. A thirst for adventure. Most well-rounded pairs recognise their individual weaknesses-&-limitations and draw on each other’s strengths, without being uncomfortable about that vulnerability. They respect what they both bring to the party. At the same time, the double act should ideally feature complementary personalities. If one is has blue-sky-thinking extrovert tendencies, the other should be more of a measured introvert. If one of you is good at starting things, the other should be an expert finisher. If you are no good with figures find someone who is.

Find a foil
So, the message for entrepreneurs is that the success of your business is not just about the merits of your idea. It’s about your ability to find your ‘foil’. Someone who can help you turn your good idea into a great business. As challenges arise, a problem shared is a problem more than halved. As opportunities develop, you can study them together and decide if they are right for your business. Finding the perfect partner is easier said than done. They don’t grow on trees. But it’s certainly worth planting a few seeds to see if you can grow one!

What do you think makes the perfect partnership? 

A big glorious thank you to Lucy Williams & Annie Armitage for being the best paps at #snogtowers. Together they’ve captured many magic moments in the history of Sister Snog. Together they make a formidable team. Individually they add a beautiful dimension to our brand.