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A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven Es of a #bijoubrand

BRAND Essence : Differentiates a #bijoubrand with a single authentic attribute
Every #bijoubrand stands for something that’s unique & special to that brand.
A compelling  point of difference that leads to share of heart.
The narrower the focus, the stronger the brand. That’s the essence of brand essence.

BRAND Entertainment : Attention grabbling content that’s 100% pure unadulterated brand
A quandry facing brands today is how to be attention grabbing & cut through the noise.
One way is to amplify the brand promise by creating compelling content.
Brand entertainment goes a step further & turns a #bijoubrand into an entertainment powerhouse.

BRAND Enchantment : Changes hearts, minds and actions through the likeability-factor
A #bijoubrand is a big advocate for the customer happiness business model.
It aims to delight, seduce & inspire customers by displaying-&-conveying human characteristics.
#bijoubrands have a likeable charm that creates smiles. The most valueable form of brand equity.

BRAND Experience : Moments of brand interaction evoked by brand-related stimuli
Consumers require fresh new experiences at every touchpoint. And compelling experiences build loyalty.
Experiences that tickle the senses & fuel passionate relationships by keeping the spark alive.
By delighting in the unexpected & exploring the art of the possible. As every #bijoubrand knows.

BRAND Engagement : Touches the touchpoints in a multichannel customer journey
Brand engagement correlates with profit in The Participation Age.
It’s all about turning on a mind to reaffirm the brand promise & extend beyond a single purchase.
By fostering deep relationships through an emotional attachment with each & every #bijoubrand.

BRAND Equity : Generates value that leads to premium pricing
Brand power is derived from goodwill, which is linked to the value a consumer attaches to it.
A #bijoubrand brand has a credible signature [...]

Seven somethings : 7 ships of the Sister Snog #charter

Entrepreneurship : Daring to follow your passion
‘Entrepreneurship is the last refuge of the troublemaking individual.’ Natalie Clifford Barney
Offer opportunities for members to raise awareness of their business-&-brand.
Champion the female entrepreneur and be a soft power powerhouse.

Fellowship : Hanging out with birds of a feather
‘Surround yourself with a trusted and loyal team. It makes all the difference.’ Alison Pincus
Create a warm-&-welcoming business environment.
Foster a sense of belonging to a discerning business club for entrepreneurial women.

Friendship : Building bridges that stand the test of time
‘It’s the ones you can call up at 4am that matter.’ Marlene Dietrich
Encourage members to engage, connect & collaborate with each other on a regular basis.
Build a culture based on generosity-&-reciprocity.

Leadership : Walking the walk rather than simply talking the talk
‘As a leader…practice the behaviour you want others to follow.’ Himanshu Bhatia
Build a galvanising-&-engaging brand that stands out from the crowd.
Dive into the social media smorgasbord & generously share social knowledge-&-insights.

Membership : Picking flowers from the same garden
‘Success is Mother Theresa. Fame is Madonna.’ Erma Bombeck
Operate a selective membership process so each new member’s a perfect fit.
Host sparkling events so members have a ready-made schedule of meetings-&-meet-ups.

Ownership : Being receptive, perceptive & appreciative
‘If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun.’ Katherine Hepburn
Listen to feedback to finesse the present & help shape the future of Sister Snog.
Say thank you to existing members & reward referrals that lead to new members.

Partnership : Expanding horizons through collaboration
‘…stop pretending we are individuals who can go it alone.’ Margaret Wheatley
Partner with organisations that have an alignment with the Sister Snog brand.
Cement a collaborative network [...]

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Social musings : Your mojo’s in your manifesto

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Seven somethings : 7 reasons to join a tribe & hang-out with PLUs

The lone nut
Running a business can be a lonely road. At times.
Whether you’re flying solo, the ‘Big Cheese of Big Company’ or anything in between.
That’s why joining a tribe of like-minds is the perfect tonic (shaken but not stirred!).

A sense of belonging with PLUs
The urban dictionary defines PLUs as ‘People Like Us’.
Who have a common bond – shared set of values and the odd quirky characteristic.
Find a tribe where PLUs hang out. You’ll feel at home & have your feet under the table in no time.

Joining a tribe is like becoming part of a beautiful archipelago.
Your sense of individuality remains intact. But you’re part of something bigger.
Where the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts. The modern tribe.

High five!
According to Jim Rohn ‘you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’.
Lifehacker recently wrote a post ‘How the people around you affect personal success.’
So make sure you hob nob with those who are walking-the-walk so you can walk-the-walk too.

Groups are like gangs. They lack depth-&-breadth.
Tribes, on the other hand, are like families. Bonds are almost familial. Think Sister Sledge!
They’re inclusive-supportive-collaborative-imaginative-intuitive-positive-&-appreciative.

Get connected
Six degrees of separation has now dropped a dress size or two.
If you’re part of a tribe, the world really can be your oyster. ‘Opportunity Knocks’!
As every member of the tribe has a cornucopia of connections, ready to harvest.

The last word about Tribes from Mr Seth Godin
“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected
to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe [...]

Seven somethings : 7 collaborative strategies every business should embrace

Social Sizzlers : Pick your fave social channels & make them work just a little harder.
Get a bunch of BFFs. Blog-swap or guest-blog if you blog. Or join the MyGuestBlog community.
Or find a gaggle of #Tweetmates (such as the Twisters) & make a #retweet & #followfriday pact.
Or rave about them on Facebook. Link-up on LinkedIn. Then share posts, endorse & recommend.

Affectionate Affiliates : Two sides of the coin. Heads you win. Tails you win too.
Create your own affiliate programme & invite friends-fans-&-followers to join.
Or become an affiliate for brands you love-&-trust. And are happy to promote.
Every time you send customers their way, you’ll get a little slice of their pie. How tasty is that?

Brand Ambassadors : Cash or kind. Reward referrals with a big thank you.
Every business has an inner circle, who are all potential brand ambassadors.
Customers-or-clients. Past or present. A terrific team. Super-suppliers.
Create a referral programme that actively encourages them to send business your way.

Brilliant Bedfellows : Who can you jump into bed with (figuratively speaking)?
Don’t be an island. Become part of an archipelago and collaborate.
Who do you know who you could co-host an event with? Or do a joint pitch with?
Or who you’d like to snuggle up with to an add extra sparkle to your brand.

Skills Swapping : The entrepreneurs currency.
There are times when cash isn’t actually king of the castle.
And a straight forward skills swap actually makes more sense.
Do it informally-&-infrequently. Or spend time finding out more about the art of swapology.

Merry Band of Merry Makers : The power of an alliance.
D’ya know how be top of the list when someone’s in the market to [...]

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