no1Social Sizzlers : Pick your fave social channels & make them work just a little harder.
Get a bunch of BFFs. Blog-swap or guest-blog if you blog. Or join the MyGuestBlog community.
Or find a gaggle of #Tweetmates (such as the Twisters) & make a #retweet & #followfriday pact.
Or rave about them on Facebook. Link-up on LinkedIn. Then share posts, endorse & recommend.

no2Affectionate Affiliates : Two sides of the coin. Heads you win. Tails you win too.
Create your own affiliate programme & invite friends-fans-&-followers to join.
Or become an affiliate for brands you love-&-trust. And are happy to promote.
Every time you send customers their way, you’ll get a little slice of their pie. How tasty is that?

no3Brand Ambassadors : Cash or kind. Reward referrals with a big thank you.
Every business has an inner circle, who are all potential brand ambassadors.
Customers-or-clients. Past or present. A terrific team. Super-suppliers.
Create a referral programme that actively encourages them to send business your way.

no4Brilliant Bedfellows : Who can you jump into bed with (figuratively speaking)?
Don’t be an island. Become part of an archipelago and collaborate.
Who do you know who you could co-host an event with? Or do a joint pitch with?
Or who you’d like to snuggle up with to an add extra sparkle to your brand.

no5Skills Swapping : The entrepreneurs currency.
There are times when cash isn’t actually king of the castle.
And a straight forward skills swap actually makes more sense.
Do it informally-&-infrequently. Or spend time finding out more about the art of swapology.

no6Merry Band of Merry Makers : The power of an alliance.
D’ya know how be top of the list when someone’s in the market to buy your product or service?
Form an alliance. With like minded-non-competitive-on-the-same-beam-businesses.
Won’t lock out the competition entirely. But could lock-in your fave customer-or-client.

no7Tit-for-Tat : The rule of reciprocity.
Imagine if we were all actively opening doors for each other.
Rather than ourselves. There’s a thought. And there’s the basis of reciprocity in business.
So all you have to do is start the chain reaction. And see what goes around comes around.