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Seven somethings : 7 brilliant business-boosting-benefits of being a Sister of Sister Snog

SAVE heaps of precious time with a ready made pipeline at your fingertips
Organising business meets is time consuming. But they’re an essential channel to market.
Whether they’re a 1-2-1, intimate meet-up or targeted at a crowd.
At Sister Snog that’s all taken care of. All members have to do it book-&-turn up.

BOOST your social footprint and become a social butterfly
Sister Snog’s a big raving fan of social media. And so are the Sisters-&-Twisters.
Although everyone has a favourite platform, engagement’s high across the board.
And every month Sister Snog hosts a Brainstorming Breakfast where Sisters share social tips.

TELL your story, paint a picture and captivate a captive audience
Good stories surprise. Great stories stick. They beat the elevator pitch hands down.
A timeless skill that’s shifted  from bedtime to Once Upon A Dinnertime with Sister Snog.
A monthly event where Sisters practice the art of telling a tale & sharing business adventures.

CONNECT with a #tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs
Sister Snog attracts birds of a feather. Business women with a similar make-up & mind-set.
Decision makers who make decisions. Empire builders building empires. Big-&-small.
They’re smart-&-sassy, supportive-&-collaborative and all on the road to Success City.

WATCH your empire blossom-&-bloom
Think of all the things you need to build a buoyant business.
Customers. Clients. Suppliers. Trusted advisors. Market knowledge-&-knowhow.
Because Sister Snog attracts a rich-&-eclectic mix of members, it ticks all those boxes.

STEP out in style looking-good-feeling-good
On the First Friday of the month, Sister Snog hosts a business lunch. With a twist.
Every lunch has a creative thread that runs from the dress code to the table styling.
And each course has a different focus. Style meets strategy. A winning combination.

CULTIVATE the best business [...]

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Seven somethings : 7 days of Instagram

Monday : Step out in style has put together a nifty-fifty list of style icons on Instagram. has been a little more discerning & picked 11 eagle-eyed fashion junkies.
The Instagram Marketing Blog have selected their pick-of-the-pops with their Top Twenty.

Tuesday : Faraway places
If there’s one account to follow for a daily trip around the globe it’s worldplaces.
Johnny Jet’s a money saving travel guru who recommends handful of travelgrammers.
Elle Croft’s a stylish travel blogger who has picked the best of the bunch to follow.

Wednesday : Businesses-&-Brands
Want to know the most engaged brands on Instagram? Check out
Curious to know the most popular brands on Instagram? Step over to
Hands up if you know which brands have mastered Instagram? Guess who has the answer?

Thursday : Words of wisdom from the wise
Business Insider has the inside scoop on the 15 most influential Instagrammers.
The Huffington Post wants you to follow these 23 women & these 19 showstoppers immediately.
Amazingly creative Instagrammers on the

Friday : Food glorious food
If you’re a foodie dine out with these 75 tasty Instagrammers from Mashable.
Nip over to buzzfeed for their incredibly edible list of sumptuous snappers.
And then there’s all you can possibly eat and more on photodoto.

Saturday : Pet city
Moggie lovers will love these snappy cats.
Puppy love goes to these ultra-photogenic canines.
And if you’re a Dr Doolittle then here are 75 of the cutest animals on the planet!

Sunday : Hot List
If you’re having a lazy Sunday afternoon then head over to
View photos of the people you follow. Like & comment on photos. Follow &  unfollow other users.
See who you’re following & [...]

Sister Snog loves : Rainbows in the Penthouse

f you have a dream, make it so humungous if you say it out loud people will think you’re a little crazy. Particularly if it’s as big, bold and bodacious as buying a warehouse in an up-&-coming part of London, turning it into a museum that focuses on your passion, getting a South American architect to design it and inviting a Princess to be guest of honour at the opening ceremony. That’s exactly what Dame Zandra Rhodes did. In May 2003 HRH Princess Michael of Kent opened the Fashion and Textile Museum (FTM) which had been designed (with heaps of input from Zandra of course) by the late Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta. The first (and possibly only) hot pink, burnt orange, yellow and bright blue building in Bermondsey.

Seven somethings : 7 go-getting-gals & their wise words about goals-&-dreams

Some women choose to follow men
and some women choose to follow their dreams.
Lady Gaga
Our Lady of Pop

I kept my eye on the target,
whatever that target was.
Estée Lauder
The Cosmetics Empress

I love the challenge of starting at zero every day
and seeing how much I can accomplish.
Martha Stewart
Lifestyle Media Magnate

Pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well
that people can’t take their eyes off you.
Maya Angelou
Celebrated Author & Poet

I didn’t always know what I wanted to do
but I knew the kind of woman I wanted to be.
Diane Von Furtstenberg
Fashion’s Grande Dame

There’s nothing better than achieving your goals,
whatever they may be.
Paloma Faith
Songbird & Musician

The future belongs to those who
believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt
First Lady of the World

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A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven Fs of a #bijoubrand

BRAND Fingerprint : Encapsulates the characteristics and personality of a #bijoubrand
The human fingerprint is an infallible method of identification, as every fingerprint is unique.
And each-&-every #bijoubrand has its own essential fingerprint.
Which makes it one of those magnetic brands that’s personable-likeable-&-memorable.

BRAND Footprint : Leaves a lingering mark on the business landscape
A #bijoubrand’s footprint makes a lasting impact that packs a punch.
Because it’s made by a trailblaiser that knows how to click-the-heels of those ruby red slippers.
So if you want to leave more than a footprint in the sand, be a specialist & wear a pair of statement shoes.

BRAND Footsteps : Establish a position of strength, knowledge & leadership
Every brand aspires to be a #bijoubrand. A brand that takes the high ground.
And its footsteps are worth following, because it has something to teach, share or inspire.
A #bijou brand walks the walk. Dances a dance. And spins around the marketplace like Fred & Ginger.

BRAND Fans : Embrace a #bijoubrand with a crazy passion
Turning customers into fanatical fans is the mecca of brand marketing.
They’re the ultimate personification of loyalty and should be treated like sliced gold.
They refer, recommend, review, engage and believe wholeheartedly in the #bijoubrand promise.

BRAND Funnel : Provides a rich diagnosis of the health & wealth of a #bijoubrand
A brand funnel helps a #bijoubrand boost its prospect pulling power.
By collecting prospects and converting them to customers who in turn become fans then super-fans.
The funnel of love takes them on a journey from brand indifference to like-it then love-it then in-love with it.

BRAND Font : Groups together typefaces with similar characteristics
The world’s full of beautiful fonts that convey mood-&-tone with [...]