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Seven somethings : 7 words that spell S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

According to Adrianna Huffington – the difference between success-&-failure is perseverance.
Stickability is the power of perseverance which starts as a dream, that’s seen to its conclusion.
Success is not a marathon, but a series of short sprints. With a ups-&-downs along the way.

Snowflakes-fingerprints-&-peacock-feathers have one thing in common. Every one is unique.
So being unique is easy. Just be yourself. Rather than trying to become a me-too.
Success is the recognition of individuality & the confidence to express originality.

Success is hardly a solitary achievement & short-term success can’t be anything but short-lived.
Super Connectors understand the long-game & invest in building up their social capital.
Success is a reward earned for the creation of a tribe of advocates-&-ambassadors.

Amazing things can happen when two or more like-minds get-it-together.
Collaborations come in different shapes-&-sizes. From the double-act to the crowd.
Success is an upward spiral, when one-becomes-two or the lone nut creates a movement.

There’s a big difference between engaging-&-interrupting, between telling-&-selling.
The new rules revolve around catching-&-capturing attention. And keeping hold of it.
Success goes to those who have mastered the art of conversation & storytelling.

Everyone needs the support of others when faced with disappointments on the road to success.
Remember. Your problem is somebody else’s solution. And vice-versa.
Success is directly linked to how many successful people you’ve supported on their way.

The glow of success is wrapped in passion-&-enthusiasm.
Contagious traits, that belong to those individuals with the sparkle-factor.
Success belongs to those with bags of charisma, who radiate charm.

Seven somethings : 7 tune-some tracks to end the week on

Friday’s Child : Will Young
A gently lilting, swoon-y-tune that’s truly loving-&-giving.
Never an Idol moment for Young Will as he’s always followed his own path to glory.
Lay back with your followers in this sensuously soul-y sliver of sunshine

Friday I’m in Love : The Cure
A refreshing ditty from the King-of-Kook, Robert Smith & his bonkers bros.
Pretty organised chap too, it seems, doing something different each day.
Take a leaf out of Bob’s Book. Tweet a song a day for a week, starting with this one.

Black Friday : Steely Dan
Sometimes dark forces are at work, particularly in the lofty world of Big Business.
Perhaps that’s why Steely Dan, being the hipsters they were, didn’t give a damn.
Get your unconventional on & get your Board boogie-ing to this black beauty.

Friday on My Mind : The Easybeats
A groovy-groove from way back when the Kids would glad-rag-up at the end of the week.
These days, they’re most likely setting up a savvy start-up, waiting for the bucks to flow in.
A thumping-bumping tune to get your fans in the mood for the weekend ahead.

Friday Night, Saturday Morning : The Specials
Something hot and heavy from the lads who like to party hard.
Naughty boys. Lying in while the girls are up, enjoying a bit of #natterdaysaturday.
Something loud ‘n’ lippy to liven them all up from #fridaynight to Saturday morning.

Good Friday : CocoRosie
Cute-‘n’-kooky, CocoRosie knows just how to sing a love song.
This gorgeous morsel is all about how a change in the weather can spark a bit of passion.
Just the ticket for engaging with your audience in a thoughtful, meditative manner.

Friday : Sir Charles Jones
Oh, Sir Charles, you [...]

Sister Snog loves : That Friday feeling

A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven Gs of a #bijoubrand

BRAND Gravatar (Globally Recognised Avatar) : Creates a ‘familiar face’ in the online world
Want to be identified on the web? Then use a gravatar. It’s simple. It’s free &  you can get one here.
Gravatars pop up to make comments stand out, drive traffic to your site & establish you as a niche expert.
So make sure you choose a tiny picture that speaks volumes, is memorable & worthy of a #bijoubrand.

BRAND Guts : Sets a #bijoubrand apart from the rest
If you think about the world’s biggest brands & what sets them apart…you’ll find it’s guts.
It’s having the conviction to take an idea, believe in it & run with it.
And having the patience and obstinate determination to take a vision & stick with it.

BRAND Guidelines : Maintain brand consistency
Without a set of guidelines a brand can find itself suffering from a split personality.
Every #bijoubrand has a set of rules-&-boundaries. They keep it on track and prevent it straying off target.
Yet are flexible enough to enable the brand to move forward as it matures-&-develops.

BRAND Glow : Increases retention by being authentic
When brands are genuine, engaging and focus on creating customer delight they positively radiate.
And have a luminous aura that’s difficult to extinguish by the competition.
That’s why brand glow is the core genius of every #bijoubrand.

BRAND Giveaways : Freebies that get the brand into the hands of an audience
Free is a pretty powerful word. But it can have a hefty price tag.
Find a promotional item that matches the audience but doesn’t burn a hole in the overhead.
Or offer a slice of knowledge, share a secret or two and get a reputation for being [...]

Seven somethings : 7 hooks-&-pegs to hang your brand on

Let your true colours coming shining through
Be a brand artist. Paint a picture of your brand. In your way. In your own time.
Create beautiful-&-breathtaking visual poetry full of colour – online & offline.
Sister Snog’s palette is royal, regal & made up of 7 shades of purple.

You better shape-up
The world and the universe is filled with sacred geometry. Patterns-&-shapes.
Man-made or made by Mother Nature. One, two or three dimensional.
Sister Snog’s plumped for the circle, joined the dots & is now ‘completely dotty.’

Eight days a week
Put your brand flag firmly in the ground & stake a claim to a day of the week.
There are five working days to choose from (or you could be a Saturday-Sunday weekender).
At #snogtowers – bunting out on Friday so Sisters can be the It-Girls of #followfriday.

All kinds  of everything
Consider aligning your brand to a mini beast or animal of the jungle.
One that reflects an aspect of your brand personality, proposition or crusade.
Butterflies are associated with transformation. And play a leading role at #snogtowers.

Second that emotion
Emotions convey feelings. #happy #sad #angry #fulloflove (or the opposite).
Think about using emoticons and symbols to express-&-convey brand emotions.
Sister Snog’s a brand with a heart destined  become a lovemark.

Sign of the times
Symbology’s the study of symbolism – the practice of representing things with symbols.
Symbols, signs-&-icons speak volumes. And have a high recognition factor.
Sister Snog membership levels are represented by shoes & differentiated by heels.

Lucky number
Numbers are powerful visual metaphors that can reinforce brand characteristics.
That’s why association with a number can be a memorable memory hook.
Pick a number. Odd or even. And own it. Seven is the magic number at #snogtowers.

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Seven somethings : 7 divas who’ve made an indelible mark on the social-landscape (Part I)

Arianna Huffington née Stassinopoúlou : Goddess of Engagement
A founder of The Huffington Post, she gave it her name & hit the jackpot when it was sold.
First a blog it’s now an online newspaper for internet lovers, news addicts & Greek yogurt fans!
With over 1,000,000 comments left on the site each-&-every month it’s a social smash-hit.

Sheryl Sandberg : Matriarch of Facebook
Long before Sheryl Sandberg left Google to join Facebook, she was already a raving fan.
Now she’s one of the highest paid jugglers on the planet as she joins The Billionaire’s Club.
Juggling the tasks of monetizing ‘The Social Network’ while keeping users happy-&-engaged.

Viveka von Rosen.: First Lady of LinkedIn
Viveka co-moderates LinkedStrategies, the largest group on LinkedIn.
She hosts the biggest LinkedIn chat on Twitter as @LinkedInExpert.
Her book’s a best seller. That’s why she’s the ‘expert-of-experts’.

Mari Smith : Queen of Facebook
The authority on how to make Facebook your friend & find fabulous friends to market to.
Author of The New Relationship Marketing. Co-author of Facebook Marketing : An Hour a Day.
A digital Pied Piper. Follow her. Fan her & dip into her world, for insights that’ll blow you away.

Bonnie Tsang : Visual Viscountess
Bonnie’s a lifestyle photographer (and blogger). Living in LA & loving Instagram.
She’s also the Mistress of Pinterest. With almost 8 million people following her boards (today).
She so gets the value of visual currency & is building a social empire. One-photo at a time.

Antoinette Marie : It-Girl of Instagram
In simple terms Antoinette’s a glamorous gal with an iPhone & a killer wardrobe.
Who happens to have an Instagram following the size of a small country.
Known as Sydney Fashion Blogger – thanks to [...]

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