Ever wondered why Friday’s considered such a hoot? Well for starters – look at who it’s named after. Freya-or-Freyja, as Noggin-the-Nog would no doubt have agreed, is the most gorgeously-gorgeous Goddess. Associated with love, beauty, fertility, gold and war. A true Sister! Boadicea-&-Venus rolled into one. Friday’s got the feel good factor. Pure alchemy. A mix of TGIF-&-Crunchie, with the weekend a delicious whisper away. 10.19 am to be precise. Apparently. For sassy businesses, it’s the best day to post on Facebook. And one particularly savvy-biz has even claimed the first social media #trademark for Free Cheese Friday. Is it any wonder Friday’s Sister Snog’s favourite day of the week.

Dress up or dress down on Friday
Friday’s a day for doing something different. A day of relaxing convention. Taking off the daily uniform. Donning something more casual for ‘Dress-down Friday‘. At Sister Snog it’s quite the opposite. Every First Friday of the month – Sisters step out in style. And mix connecting with the catwalk. Each business lunch has a different dress code. This year there’s been an array of #firstfriday dress codes. From All The Colours of the Rainbow to Forever Purple. Dots. Spots. Stripes. Bows for the bow-da-cious. Fasinators for the fascinating. Pastels and pinks with hint powder-puff and sorbet. Special occasions often require a multitude of different dress codes. From Black Tie to White Tie. Morning Dress. Evening Wear. Smart Casual or Lounge Lizard. So why not dress to impress at a business event and create a head turning impression that gets talked about way after you’ve left the room?

Get seriously social on Friday
Buddy Media did some analysis on it 200 of its clients and their Facebook pages over a 14-day period. Guess what. They found that engagement on Thursdays and Fridays was 18% higher than the rest of the week. Hmmm! What does that say? Its says don’t pack up your old kit bag yet. Jump on the Crunchie Express and get tweeting-&-facebooking, instagramming-&-pinning, scooping-&-blogging. Whatever platform floats your boat. This is backed up by @adambain (he of 50k + Twitter followers and a grande fromage at Twitter HQ) who has it on good authority that Tweeters are more engaged at the end of the week. And he should know.

Hashtag-it Friday’s are a #hashtag carnival. All the fun of the merry-go-round. #funfriday. #fridaynight (for all the young dudes sharing what young dudes do to kick off the weekend) #fridayreads (for the feet-up-snuggle-up brigade, curling up with a good book) Yes indeedy. Fridays are all about #hashtags.

Micah Baldwin kicked off the most famous Friday hashtag back in January 2009 when he suggested following friends (and Social Media mavens) like @chrisbrogan. And the #followfriday (#ff) hashtag was born. It goes hand-in-hand with the Friday territory.  Kicking back. Easing off. Giving friends a well deserved gong & a hint of the limelight. There’s even a site which suggests hashtags to use on a Friday – great to know if you’re stuck for ways to get your tweets, Facebook statuses or Instagram Friday favourites out there. There’s an art to being the #ff It-gal (or guy). If you want to get it right.

Fill your boots on Friday
So as the end of the week nips at your nose and tickles your toes, fizz up. Celebrate the best day of the week by thinking about who made your week. Dress up. Dress down. And  have a fantastic Friday!

Is there anything you do on a regular basis every Friday? Or have you created your very own version of ‘Free Cheese Friday’ that could follow suit and get a social media trademark. Think the cheese world could well have started yet another social media trend. What do you think?

This blog post is dedicated to Laura Milligan. The talent behind Laura Felicity Design – the home of unique designs, skilled craftsmanship & beautiful products. She’s a #feelgoodfriday (#FGF) blogger – sharing little things that have made a big impact on her world during the week. From pop-ups to paper artists. Yoga-with-pets to pets-with-smiles. Guaranteed to make anyone feel good on Friday.