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Seven somethings : 7 wonderful wonders of Pinterest

Mr Edison is known for the phrase ‘Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.’
But what if you’re stumbling around in the dark & can’t find the switch to your lightbulb moment.
No sweat. Sign up to Pinterest then dive into a world bursting with inspiration.

What happens if someone Googles you? Try it yourself. That’s what we all do these days.
Imagine you’re a pinner. With brilliant boards, crafted-&-curated with creativity-style-&-aplomb.
Think anyone will stick around, stay a while and come back? Oh yes! It pays to be pinteresting.

If you’re a hard core pinner – chances are you’ll find a bunch of pinpals, you click with.
You’ll ♥ their pins. They’ll ♥ yours. What’s more, you can send them pins. And vice versa.
That level of interaction & depth of engagement is what gives Pinterest the tingle factor.

Creating boards of beauty with beautiful pins is only half the story.
The magic of Pinterest, much like any other social site, lies in the chit-chat around the pins.
That’s when the pinparty really gets going and the perfect host becomes the talk of the town.

Pinterest can be a game of solitaire, where your boards are the stars of the show.
Or you can get a gang together by starting a group board and have a pinathon.
A great way to galvanize a tribe or focus on a cause such as International Women’s Day.

Sometimes we need a little privacy. So well done Pinterest for adding the secret boards feature.
Create up to three boards, which can only be seen you and any collaborators you invite.
Perfect for secret squirrel projects and surprises you want to keep under wraps.

Pinterest may have started across [...]

Thumbs up : Blab

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Thumbs up : Reddit

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Seven somethings : 7 cooler-than-cool curation tools (Part I)
#Twisters are members of Sister Snog who Tweet-&-Twitter. A social bunch.
With lots to say. And it’s all captured in The Twisters Daily, Thanks to
Fancy your own? Pop ‘’ in your browser. Get started. Easy to use it’s almost child’s play.

Images attract attention. They’re white-hot and fast becoming a social media currency.
Pinterest is the perfect platform to curate your own picture galleries on a giant digital pin-board.
Where the twenty-first-century-pin-up girls (and guys) hang-out. See you there!

Rebel Mouse
A hungry social-souris that eats your online activity, pulls it together & feeds it into a single view.
A gorgeous mirror of your social media activity. In an instant. Tweets. Retweets. Pins & Likes.
Easy-as-pie to sign up. Minimum effort to manage.

If you’re a fan of mind mapping, then you’ll fall in love with Pearltrees.
An elegant visual bookmark manager & social bookmarking tool rolled into one.
Pearltrees lets you curate an individual library full of all the wonders on the web. Made for sharing.

Builds social stories by bringing together media scattered across the Web.
You can look still look socially savvy even you’ve no time to blog by drag-and-drop curation.
Take the tour & supercharge your storytelling and become a social storyteller.
With you can become your very own online newspaper or e-mag editor.
It’s a publishing-by-curation-platform that allows you to curate content on a fave topic.
Add your own blog. Share your viewpoint. And become the go-to-expert people go-to.
No prizes for guessing what you can curate on A dream tool for creating lovely lists.
The land of social media is full of  list-lovers. Easy to read, skim & share.
Keep lists up-to-date by inviting [...]

Thumbs up : Canva

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Seven somethings : 7 engaging ways to be extra-engaging

Say it with a #hashtag
The humble #hashtag is a little symbol that punches above its weight.
It makes social posts clickable-&-shareable, findable-&-trendable.
Or can get you followed on friday (#ff) & telephoned on tuesday (tt).

Celebrate special days
Once upon a time remembering birthdays-&-anniversaries required organisation.
Different story today. A name pops up. Time to wish them a Happy Birthday or Anniversary.
Be creative. Send a cake. Blow out the candles. Or get the Voca People to sing a song.

Pinterest-&-Instagram pics are made for sharing. So don’t just pin-&-post.
Send them direct to your fans-friends-or-followers. Sister-brother-or-mother. Or BFF.
With a little personal message. Bet you get one back.

You’re hired
LinkedIn has its own little reminders. Particularly when someone’s landed a new job.
Why not go one step further. Do a little bit more than ‘Congrats’.
Get personal. Think of something which links you both & relate that to your felicitous post.

Be a nosey parker
Ask a question. Open ended of course.
What? Where? When? How? Why? Who?
Get onto Quora. You’ll find answers to any question you ask. And the most popular get star billing.

Share your insightful-insights
If you haven’t got time to blog – make time to sign up to
It’s a publishing-by-curation-platform that allows you to curate content on a fave topic.
And embellish it with your take on the subject.

Quality Tweets
What makes a tweet even sweeter? When it’s shared.
Once in a while something special catches your eye on Twitter. Grab it. Edit it. Re-tweet!
Saying something before the ‘RT’ means you’re ready to continue the conversation.