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Social musings : The rise-&-rise of social meowdia

Seven somethings : 7 halloween hoots for the witching hour

Ghoulish Google Doodle (2011)
Googlers got into the Halloween spirit & turned giant pumpkins into a doodle.
It took eight hours to carve these uber-plump-pumpkins into the doodle of the day.
Google captured the Halloween hoot on a time-lapse video – made for social sharing.

#TrickorTweet in the Tweet Shop (2012)
Top Shop made a social splash when it launched a collection called the ‘Witching Hour’.
Fans were invited to tweet spooky-style-tips or twitpic their freaky costumes.
Tweets became currency & the best dressed Halloweeners were immortalised online.

#Scaredstainless with Tide (2013)
Gore-&-goosebumps inspired Tide’s horror marketing campaign.
Seven spooky vines spoofed popular horror movies –  from Psycho to Poltergiest.
With the message – there’s only one way to get rid of stains. “Scare them stainless”.

Spooky selfies (2014)
Sephora get top marks for engagement on #Pinterest.
Brand-fans-&-followers get the chance to show off their macabre make-up.
And post a spooky selfie on the Sephora Halloween board.

Name the Nomster (2014)
Oreo have been working late into the night in their 1800s-style Burtonesque laboritorium.
Creating a series of creatures called Nomsters – who star in their own bite-sized videos.
Fans are being asked name them & the best-of-the-best will pinged-&-posted across platforms.

Freaky food (2014)
There’s more to Halloween than teeth-rotting sweeties.
If you tumble over to Tumblr you’ll find healthy recipes galore.
From spiderweb soup to meringue ghoulies & ghostie toast.

The season of mischief (2014)
Remember gameshow Wheel of Fortune? Hobgoblin is resurrecting it & adding a spooky twist.
The Wheel of Misfortune will be broadcast to its 90,000 Facebook fans on the night itself.
There’s beer for the winners & a gunge tank for the hapless losers.

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Social musings : The melody of a social media symphony

Social musings : Dot-to-dot-to-dot

Seven somethings : 7 laydeez coated-in-chocolate

Hello AUDREY (@AudreysChocs)
Founded in 1961, Audrey’s is situated in a four-storey Georgian house in Hove.
Intoxicating aromas of chocolate hang in the air & each stage of production is hypnotic to watch.
And every Easter 2,000 hand-dipped-filled-&-moulded eggs find their way to Fortnum’s!

Hello CECILLIA (@amedeituscany)
Take a bow and meet Cellillia Tessieri  – the first female Master Chocolatier. Chocolate Royalty.
Her claim to fame. She’s created her own bean-to-bar chocolate company In Tuscany.
The Amedei chocolate collection can be found online and in Paris, London, New York & Berlin.

Hello DIANA (@LicktheSpoonUK)
Lick The Spoon started from a kitchen table in 2006. Where some of the best businesses start!
Where they’ve elevated the simple bean beyond indulgence to an enduring chocolate memory.
That’s why they’re showered with accolades in recognition of a passion for chocolate artistry.

Hello GALIA (@gochockchick)
Galia’s healthy CHOC Chick empire is a phenomenal success story.
A childhood love of chocolate has morphed into a crusade to put raw chocolate on the map.
Today her raw chocolate goodness is stocked throughout the UK-Europe-&-USA. Choctastic!

Hello SARAH : (@cocoalocochoc)
Sarah’s crazy about chocolate. She lives, breathes, dreams and sleeps the bean.
She started baking brownies in her aga at home and selling them on ebay. That was in 2007.
Today Cocoa Loco’s HQ is a Chocolate Barn. A hive of activity for her scrumptious confections.

Hello STEPH : (@Kokopellis_Choc)
From an early age Steph was a serious choc-a-holic. After Eights were her favourites.
She tried office work. Didn’t like it. She launched Kokopelli’s Chocolate in 2012. Loves it.
A boutique chocolaterie that hand-crafts exquisite, fresh cream chocolates in bright flavours.

Hello ZARA (@ZarasChocolates)
The Ecole Chocolat Professional Chocolatier Programme was the parfait start for Zara.
And helped inspire nutty nibbles, [...]

A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven Hs of a #bijoubrand

BRAND Halo : Colours the impression of a #bijoubrand so it basks in the glory of a halo’s shine
Roger Moore as The Saint had a trademark halo. Brands can have halos too.
Known as The Halo Effect – it’s a fascinating concept. Worked like a dream for Apple.
The glimmer of iPod’s halo shone across the whole range & boosted computer sales by 68% in 2004.

BRAND Heaven : Takes customer-&-clients up the stairway to heavenA #bijoubrand portrays itself in a consistent, credible and transparent manner.
This results in loyal customers-&-clients who trust the brand because of heavenly experiences.
Brands who want climb the stairs to create divine campaigns should read 11 Steps to Brand Heaven.

BRAND Heart : Provides an emotional attachment that leads to brand amour
A brand without a heart is like life without friends. Meaningless.
Every #bijoubrand has a heart of gold and looks for ways to romance its customers-&-clients.
Because the relationship is a courtship that leads to happily-ever-after.

BRAND Humour : Engages fans, grabs their attention & makes a #bijoubrand memorable
A healthy injection of tounge-in-cheek humour can strengthen brand’s personality.
Make’ Em Laugh quips brings about positive emotions & forges happy memories that are hard to deny.
Humour’s contagious. It’s the secret sauce that enables a #bijoubrand to have fun-with-fans.

BRAND Harmony : Ensures every interaction delivers a harmonious message
A breakthrough concept that makes all touchpoints with a #bijoubrand form part of a symphony.
Brand harmony creates a haunting melody that evokes the senses.
And aligns the entire organisation in telling a cumulative story & singing a common anthem.

BRAND Hallmark : Leaves a lingering impression on the landscape
First impressions count. Equally as important is the impression that’s left behind.
That’s a [...]

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