no2Ghoulish Google Doodle (2011)
Googlers got into the Halloween spirit & turned giant pumpkins into a doodle.
It took eight hours to carve these uber-plump-pumpkins into the doodle of the day.
Google captured the Halloween hoot on a time-lapse video – made for social sharing.

no2#TrickorTweet in the Tweet Shop (2012)
Top Shop made a social splash when it launched a collection called the ‘Witching Hour’.
Fans were invited to tweet spooky-style-tips or twitpic their freaky costumes.
Tweets became currency & the best dressed Halloweeners were immortalised online.

no2#Scaredstainless with Tide (2013)
Gore-&-goosebumps inspired Tide’s horror marketing campaign.
Seven spooky vines spoofed popular horror movies –  from Psycho to Poltergiest.
With the message – there’s only one way to get rid of stains. “Scare them stainless”.

no2Spooky selfies (2014)
Sephora get top marks for engagement on #Pinterest.
Brand-fans-&-followers get the chance to show off their macabre make-up.
And post a spooky selfie on the Sephora Halloween board.

no2Name the Nomster (2014)
Oreo have been working late into the night in their 1800s-style Burtonesque laboritorium.
Creating a series of creatures called Nomsters – who star in their own bite-sized videos.
Fans are being asked name them & the best-of-the-best will pinged-&-posted across platforms.

no2Freaky food (2014)
There’s more to Halloween than teeth-rotting sweeties.
If you tumble over to Tumblr you’ll find healthy recipes galore.
From spiderweb soup to meringue ghoulies & ghostie toast.

no2The season of mischief (2014)
Remember gameshow Wheel of Fortune? Hobgoblin is resurrecting it & adding a spooky twist.
The Wheel of Misfortune will be broadcast to its 90,000 Facebook fans on the night itself.
There’s beer for the winners & a gunge tank for the hapless losers.