no1Nets vs Bridges : The clue’s in the name. 
Networking’s a numbers game. Cast a net & you’re sure to scoop up a lot of fish.
Connecting on the other hand just takes two. To build one bridge.
That you can both use. Time-&-time again. And again.

no2Badges vs Monikers : Memorable or unforgettable?
Magnetic. Pin or sticky. They’re rife at networking events but de-personalise us.
Names on the other hand are personal. Part of our identity. Integral to our brand.
Never forget a face. Always remember a name. And make your moniker memorable.

no3Pitches vs Stories : Stop selling & start telling.
How many networking events kick off with a room of cheesy-sleazey pitches?
Want to make meaningful connections? Turn your pitch into a sizzling story.
Storytelling’s an art that starts conversations, attracts attention & fosters a connection.

no4Journeys vs Adventures : Choose your companions wisely.
Networking can be a solitary journey that takes you from one event to another.
Connecting’s an adventure – shared with like-minded travelling companions.
Who come along for the ride & might take you on a delicious detour along the way.

no5Contacts vs Connections : Gardens & orchards.
Network to sow a garden of contacts. That bloom perennially, annually or seasonally.
Connect to plant an orchard of connections. Trees with a deep root system.
That bear fruit-&-blossom, year after year. That’s the difference between the two.

no6Cocktail party vs dinner party : RSVP!
Networking’s a cocktail party where you flit from one-person-to-another.
Connecting’s rather more intimate. A three course approach to business.
Guess what? You’re cordially invited to both! But be selective.

no72D vs 3D : Different dimensions.
Photos capture a moment. They’re two dimensional snap shots.
Sculptures are three dimensional. With depth-&-perspective.
Both play different roles. Just like networking & connecting. The choice is yours.