Annnabel Kaye wears many hats. Speaker. Advisor. Consultant. Thinker. Trainer. Tribunal fighter. Strategist. And relationship architect with a particular skill in helping clients fit together the jigsaw puzzle of human nature, the law & commercial reality.  She likes to work where the ‘fault lines’ are and find the most effective ways to manage freelancers and virtual teams. She also gets involved in performance management in the workplace. She started Irenicon in 1980 and has been pushing the boundaries of how employment law can be made to work. Koffee Klatch launched in 2009 to cater for the ever growing freelance and consultant sector. Eloquent, witty and engaging, Annabel’s service is always packaged with a smile.

What made you decide to accept the invitation to join Sister Snog in September 2009?
(Head, heart, gut instinct or a combination)

I joined Sister Snog because I loved the idea of being in a room with so many interesting-&-fascinating business women. It was an instinctive thing. In business, making decisions based on gut feeling and instinct often opens doors that remain closed to those seeking rational affirmations about why something is a good move for their business. Sometimes you just have to listen to your inner voice.

How has your business blossomed as a result of being a Sister?

Seeds don’t germinate over night. It’s taken time to find those relationships-&-collaborations that really work for me and other Sisters. The key is to take time to listen and find out. I was slow to understand what the other Sisters do for a living, but now that I have done more one-to-ones and spent more time on business (not just having a fabulous time) I am finding great collaborations and ways to reach out and address new markets. The referrals from the Sisters are totally appreciated. I have also changed how I do what I do, since an early Sister Snog experience with Stand Up Comedy has led me into the professional speaking arena.

What’s your most memorable Sister Snog moment to date?

It’s hard to say whether it was singing with Sisters of Soul at The Soulful Concert at St. Bride’s Church to raise money for The Katie Piper Foundation or an evening of Stand Up Comedy. Both challenged-&-stretched me and brought me closer to Sisters in two totally different settings. Music and comedy may not quite save the economy but they are both powerful catalysts that help form-&-shape very strong bonds.

What do you think makes Sister Snog stand out from the crowd?

Members stay at Sister Snog so the longer term camerarderie with really smart women is really unusual. It’s like being at college together – only we’re all grown up!

Which is your favourite event and why?

My favourite event is #firstfriday lunch – although I can’t always make it due to traveling for speaking gigs. I love it as it’s spread over 3 hours which gives ample time to catch-up, chat, connect and keep up with what the other Sisters have been up to. They’re an amazing bunch of business women doing amazing things in business.

What do you love about Sister Snog?

I know when I book a Sister Snog event I’m going to enjoy it and come away with nuggets of knowledge. I’m regularly inspired-&-motivated by other Sisters, which helps me to focus, grow-&-develop myself and my business. Sister Snog is anything but Groundhog Day. It’s a club that offers variety both in terms of members and events. And it’s a brand that doesn’t stand still and always has a something refreshing to offer its members.

Sum up Sister Snog in one word : STYLISH

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