Lisa Conway-Hughes has a fresh faced charm and an IQ of 148. A rare combination. She’s generous. Quietly gregarious. With real gusto and a go-get-it determination. After graduating in French and a brief spell in the fashion industry, Lisa found she had a passion for finance. She’s been following that passion since 2005. Today she’s a Chartered Independent Financial Adviser and a Fellow of the Personal Services Society (PFS). The most prestigious qualification a financial adviser can hold. So she truly knows her onions. She’s developed a loyal client base of professional individuals and business owners, helping them develop holistic financial plans. Lisa also offers a wealth of financial advice and insights as her alter ego – Miss Lolly.

What made you decide to accept the invitation to join Sister Snog in May 2007?
(Head, heart, gut instinct or a combination)

I’d seen an article about Sister Snog in The Sunday Times Style magazine. I’d been to lots of networking events. It wasn’t something I relished. Although I was drawn to Sister Snog, I nearly didn’t turn up. In those days you could come as a guest. As soon as I got to the First Friday lunch at The Royal Exchange I was greeted with a big warm welcome. Joining was a decision made by the heart. One of the best business decisions I’ve made on both a personal and professional level.

How has your business blossomed as a result of being a Sister?

Miss Lolly wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Sister Snog. There are lots of financial advice websites but very few that appeal to a female audience. And that’s what I wanted to create but wasn’t sure where to start and how to turn my idea into a reality. So I asked the Sisters. Their help and advice was invaluable. From the name to the look and feel of the Miss Lolly brand to the website which was designed by fellow Sister Nicola Fisher and her brilliant team at The Creative Haus. We entered it into The Good Web Guide Awards this year. It was shortlisted in the Finance category. Quite an achievement and cause for celebration.

What’s your most memorable Sister Snog moment to date?

The first event I ever went to sticks in my memory. It was Floral Friday and every one turned up with the most amazing bunches of flowers (except me). I’d never been to anything quite like it (neither had my fleurs). It was such a surprising business event. And I went home with a beautiful bouquet (not sure who got mine!). Sister Snog has continued to surprise and delight. Which is quite an achievement as I’ve been around for so long. Wonder when I’ll get my carriage clock?

What do you think makes Sister Snog stand out from the crowd?

Sister Snog is neither corporate nor prescriptive. It’s polished and professional. It’s a business club that ticks so many boxes on so many levels. It can be whatever you want it to be. A place to make friends in business. A source of new business. A great sounding board for new ideas. A forum for brainstorming with members who are on your wave length. Somewhere you can learn about social media or improve your storytelling and presenting skills. It’s a club that cares for its members and the members genuinely care for each other. That’s what makes Sister Snog stand out from the crowd.

Which is your favourite event and why?

Festive Friday is my favourite event. Every year Annie and Hela create something out of the ordinary. They’re always held in different venues. From the Swarovski Crystallized Lounge just opposite Liberty’s to the First Floor Restaurant on the Portobello Road. Once I’ve been to Festive Friday I feel like Christmas has begun.

What do you love about Sister Snog?

Simple. I love the Sisters.

Sum up Sister Snog in one word : PASSIONATE 

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