Rebecca Howlett is one of the rising stars at Mackrell Turner Garrett, one of London’s leading full service law firms. John Mackrell founded the firm in 1845 so it’s a firm with heritage. It’s also a founder of Mackrell International – an association of law firms worldwide – with 85 law firms in 110 different cities which makes it well placed to service a truly cosmopolitan client base. Rebecca’s a Partner in the Corporate & Commercial team, advising on a wide-range of commercial matters with a focus on intellectual property, for both UK and international clients. Supremely personable and extremely knowledgeable she’s a consummate professional, great ‘networker’ and represents a new breed of legal hot-shot.

What made you decide to accept the invitation to join Sister Snog in June 2010?
(Head, heart, gut instinct or a combination)

It was a combination of all three. I was introduced to Sister Snog by Lisa Conway-Hughes and when I met Hela Wozniak-Kay we hit it off immediately. So from a personal perspective, I was drawn to Sister Snog both emotionally and instinctively. Once I’d made the decision I had a to present a case to my fellow Partners at Mackrell Turner Garret. That’s where the rational decision process kicked in. One of the best decisions we’ve made as a firm and I’ve made as an individual. In my opinion there’s no other club around that comes close to Sister Snog.

How has your business blossomed as a result of being a Sister?

Year on year we’ve had a healthy return on our investment at Mackrell Turner Garrett. I know this because every year I evaluate how much business has been generated for the firm as a result of being a member of Sister Snog. Although the referrals are fantastic, over the years I’ve also built some fantastic relationships with other members such as Jenny Tolmie – one of the Partners at Griffin Stone Moscrop and Faye Watts who is the Co-Founder of Fuse Accountants. Having access to such a wide spectrum of members has also meant I can make cross referrals on behalf of my clients. And of course, the camaraderie and support from the members means I have a invaluable resource at my fingertips that I can call upon. Anytime.

What’s your most memorable Sister Snog moment to date?

The one event that really stick in my mind is my first ever Sister Snog event. I was dropped off at Vanilla which is where the First Friday lunches were held at the time. And another member glided out of a cab in a pair of heels, a grey pencil skirt and white crisp shirt. As I walked down the stairs I was greeted by a waft of vanilla and the sound of chatter, laughter and glasses clinking. It was evident that this was anything but your average networking event. I had this feeling I was about to become a part of something rather special and refreshing. And I was 100% right.

What do you think makes Sister Snog stand out from the crowd?

Where do you start? First starters Sister Snog attracts a collection of outstanding, strong business minded women who are driven, passionate and focussed. There’s always a warm welcome at Sister Snog, which is particularly important for someone who is new to the Tribe. The atmosphere is a wonderful combination of fun and fizz. And finally Annie-&-Hela are a great team. Events are a perfect mix of business focus and creative pleasure. These are the things that make Sister Snog special.

Which is your favourite event and why?

If I had to pick then I’d would be First Friday Lunch. There’s a strong emphasis on business. But it’s wrapped in a bow. We always move around after each course which means I get to speak to and catch up with lots of Sisters. The more you know someone the more you have to talk about. There’s regularly a new face. And I particularly love The Gwendoline Award, which I have my eye on. Inspired.

What do you love about Sister Snog?

Everything! From the branding to the opportunities membership offers to the amazing camaraderie between members. We’re all like-minded and Sister Snog’s magic touch lies in the ability to attract-&-select business women who just seem to gel. That’s a tall order and I respect the fact this is never compromised. I love the fact this is a place where everyone is asking rather what can I do to help you rather than what can you do to help me. I love the fact Sister Snog is very welcoming. There’s no rivalry or jealousy between members in a similar sector. In fact sharing experiences and offering pointers about what has worked for them (or not) is the norm.

Sum up Sister Snog in one word : INDISPENSABLE

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