Ysanne Lewis  has been engaging with the stars and embracing the power of the planets for over 35 years. She’s a well respected Astrological-&-Timing Consultant, who makes an ancient yet timeless subject accessible to both organisations-&-individuals. Ysanne is also a prolific writer, an insightful blogger & engaging public speaker. Her work highlights the right time for change-success-&-growth. With a client base spread across the UK, across the pond and throughout Central-&-Eastern Europe, she consults on both business-&-personal matters, so her clients can re-align and recognise the rhythm of their business or personal lives, in order to make timely decisions that result in positive outcomes.

What made you decide to accept the invitation to join Sister Snog in January 2009?
(Head, heart, gut instinct or a combination)

I live in Guildford and was looking for a way to meet business women based in central London. A  good friend of mine was a member of Sister Snog. I value-respect-&-trust her judgement. She opened the door. Sister Snog invited me to come in. What an unexpected surprise to find something completely different from anything I’d experienced before. Very refreshing. Gut instinct and an emotional pull made me decide to join. I haven’t looked back since.

How has your business blossomed as a result of being a Sister?

My business has blossomed considerably. Way beyond my expectations. I’ve gained clients. Lots of them. However I would still have renewed year-on-year even if I hadn’t gained a single client. Being a Sister has given me inventive ideas about how to run my business, amazing support from amazingly supportive women and an opportunity to develop my speaking skills. Sister Snog has become an invaluable resource that constantly feeds my hungry business.

What’s your most memorable Sister Snog moment to date?

The Soulful Concert at St Brides Church in 2012. I remember feeling I had to pinch myself to make sure it was really happening. It was a real defining moment. Singing with the other amazing choirs. All The King’s Men. The London Gay Men’s Chorus. Eden Voices. Meeting Katie Piper. Such a gracious-&-inspiring woman. The event was the culmination of weeks of rehearsals with Sisters of Soul. A real turning point. The shared love of singing with other Soul Sisters created an extra-special bond between us. Which is still very much alive and kicking today.

What do you think makes Sister Snog stand out from the crowd?

Sister Snog’s inventiveness and ability to reinvent itself by being fresh-&-refreshing. I pick up on atmospheres. They can be dull. Or full of sparkle. Sister Snog consistently surprises and delights. It’s a club that never rests on its laurels. That’s a strange kind of consistency. But it’s what makes it so original. Although no two events are ever the same they’re always full of business buzz. They’re highly enjoyable, incredibly focussed with amazing attention to detail. Who says you can’t mix business with a sense of wit and humour?  It may be a rather strange kind of consistency but it’s what makes Sister Snog an original and why it stands out from the crowod.

Which is your favourite event and why?

I’m torn between First Friday Lunches and evening storytelling. They’re both different beasts. But if pushed I’d say First Friday lunch. I love the monthly themes, the dress code, the way the styling of the tables ties everything together. Everything about this event is highly creative. With a feminine twist. Which inspires creativity amongst the Sisters. At First Friday lunch Sister Snog creates the perfect stage for ideas to flourish and connections flow naturally.  I look forward to coming

What do you love about Sister Snog?

There are so many things about Sister Snog that I love. Being a Sister gives me the opportunity to stretch-&-grow. Both professionally-&-personally. It attracts a particular high-calibre of member. Sister Snog is discerning. A lot of networking clubs-groups-&-organisations focus too much on numbers rather than fit. It’s rather uncanny how we’re all totally different yet very much the same in the way we think, act & support each other. There really is an essence of Sister Snog. Shame you can’t bottle it.

Sum up Sister Snog in one word : UNIQUE

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