When you hear the phrase ‘Ivory Tower’ what images spring to mind? Brother’s Grimm, fairy tales & fables. DreamWorks Animation that turn stories into animated reality. Dragons-&-dronkeys. Turrets. Castles. A handsome knight. A drop-dead-gorgeous prince. Or green Ogre (who sounds remarkably like Mike Myers) if you’re Princess Fiona. They are where the disconnected hang out. Sometimes out of choice. Sometimes out of fear. But they’re a lonely place. Lacking the buzz-&-bustle of the Kingdom of Far Far Away (if you’re name’s Fiona) or Corona (if your name’s Rapunzel). It can be tempting to seek out those Ivory Towers. But they don’t exist in the entrepreneurial capital of ‘Success City’.

The road to ‘Success City’
Everyone will have a different definition of ‘Success City’. For some it’s linked to fame-&-fortune. For others, it’s being able to go to bed at night with your soul at peace. Some people equate happiness with success. Others with freedom-&-adventure. Success is a journey rather than a destination. Its the ability to keep going without giving in to failure. It’s how high your bounce when you’ve hit rock bottom. And it’s the noise behind the silence of hard work & dedication. In Sheryl Sandberg‘s words:

Success is making the best choices we can…and accepting them.

Follow the yellow brick road
The Wizard of Oz tells the story of Dorothy (and Toto) who got swept away from Kansas into a far away land. It’s about the adventures they encounter on their way back home as they follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. It’s about the travelling companions she meets along the way. It’s an allegory with a key message. The answer to your conundrum (in Dorothy’s case ‘how to I get Home‘) is actually at the end of your nose, on your doorstep & within yourself. All you have to do is click your ruby slippers.

Success Circles
Just as an airline pilot needs to make course corrections to get to a destination, so does every entrepreneur and business owner. Flying solo & sitting in an Ivory Tower won’t help you reach your destination. In fact isolation drains the colours out of ideas. Being part of a community of peers on the other hand will inspire innovation, create momentum & keep you on track. Like-minded companions will always lend your dreams more strength-&-direction with a sprinkling of fun-&-friendship thrown in for good measure. And every member can bring a different gift. That’s the basis of ‘Success Circles’. They’re the ultimate blend of productivity-energy-&-synergy.

Success at your finger-tips
Success Circles can meet in person as a group. Weekly. Monthly or quarterly. Catch up on on the telephone for a more intimate exchange of ideas. Or make the most of the marvellous mix of social media platforms that are bursting with opportunities to connect-&-collaborate:

You’re the sum total of the people you surround yourself with, so choose your companions wisely & surround yourself with people who’ll share your journey. Both in the ‘real’ world & the ‘digital’ world. And for maximum results – combine the two.