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Why Join Us

      • If you want to open a door, find someone who has the key
      • You can never know enough good people in business but you might have to kiss a lot of frogs to find them
      • The road to Success is a series of sparkling connections
      • The road to Success is a series of sparkling connections
      • The road to Success is a series of sparkling connections


Annie Brooks and Hela Wozniak-Kay

Annie Brooks and Hela Wozniak-Kay are the heart and soul of Sister Snog

They met many moons ago when they were cogs in the corporate wheel and part of a big machine. Both jumped ship and took their branding skills and expertise to the SME market.

While running Snog The Agency, a branding consultancy,they discovered the power of networking. In the good old days, before the social media revolution.

However the networking scene lacked sparkle, style or a sense of belonging. It was very much the bastion of the business card swap and sixty second elevator pitch.Plenty of sausage. Very little sizzle.

So they created Sister Snog. And put their individual hallmark on London’s networking arena.

Annie Brooks : The Heart of Sister Snog 

The Business of Branding Wozniak & Jobs.  Likely to be hailed as one of the most famous partnerships in the world that arguably created the sexiest and smartest brand on the planet.  The key to their success. Vision and delivery of that vision. With bells on. Similarly, for seven years, Annie Brooks partnered with another Wozniak and became the heart of Snog The Agency. A boutique branding consultancy that created brands of distinction for distinctive clients.

A Marque of Distinction Snog The Agency may have quenched Annie’s thirst for running a business, but it never quite satisfied her hunger for putting her hallmark on a brand. Until she dipped her toe in the networking arena in 2002 to find it was seriously lacking a brand with fizz, buzz and sparkle. Some things take a while to germinate. Sister Snog is a prime example. Initially created as a platform to open doors for Snog The Agency, it snowballed to become a #bijoubrand that attracts a discerning audience of smart, sassy business women. Today Annie’s in the driving seat and is instrumental moving Sister Snog into the fast lane. That’s when she’s not performing her duties as a Liveryman of The Worshipful Company of Marketors.


Hela Wozniak-Kay : The Soul of Sister Snog

The Business of Branding
Today Hela is one half of a formidable partnership. Together with Annie, the Yang to her Yin, she was a Co-Director of Snog The Agency for seven years. A
boutique branding consultancy that worked with businesses and organisations of all shapes and  sizes, refining or defining their brands. Law firms. Charities. Franchises. Office suppliers and video producers all experienced a taste of her brand magic.

A Marque of Distinction
In the very early days Snog The Agency entered ‘beauty parades’ to pitch for business. It didn’t take long to get wise and realise referrals resulted in the best wins. Networking became an integral part of Snog The Agency’s sales and marketing strategy. So much so, that in 2002 Sister Snog was conceived. What started out as the seed of an idea has celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2012. Today Sister Snog is a #bijoubrand in its own right that’s gone from infancy through to adolescence. It’s a hot-to-trot option for like-minded business women looking for a refreshing way to connect and collaborate with other women of a similar make-up and mind-set. A brand with a history. A story made for sharing!



In 2012 Sister Snog celebrated a milestone anniversary. A decade of being in business Ten years of connecting brilliant business women at a calendar of sparkling business events between January and November. For early birds. Night owls. Afternoonies. Culminating in the not-to-be-missed Purple Patch Awards in December. For a handpicked audience. All members of the coolest business club in the capital. Learn More


Sister Snog happened quite by accident. On the first Friday of February 2002. In the Citrus restaurant on Park Lane. Hela. Annie. Two clients. Two prospects. Met for lunch. On the menu. Business. On the dessert trolley. Sister Snog.
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As with all well behaved brands, Sister Snog has morphed, evolved and to kept up with the times. Annie and Hela have embraced the social media world with open arms. And are on a crusade to create a beautiful place for Femmepreneurs to connect, engage and support each other. Learn More


Hold on to your hats if you’re based in London and want to supercharge your business. You can apply for Kitten or Killer Heel membership.There are three levels of membership. Glass Slipper. Kitten Heel or Killer Heel. Try them all for size. One could well be the perfect fit.Learn More