A-Z of a #bijoubrand

A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven Hs of a #bijoubrand

BRAND Halo : Colours the impression of a #bijoubrand so it basks in the glory of a halo’s shine
Roger Moore as The Saint had a trademark halo. Brands can have halos too.
Known as The Halo Effect – it’s a fascinating concept. Worked like a dream for Apple.
The glimmer of iPod’s halo shone across the whole range & boosted computer sales by 68% in 2004.

BRAND Heaven : Takes customer-&-clients up the stairway to heavenA #bijoubrand portrays itself in a consistent, credible and transparent manner.
This results in loyal customers-&-clients who trust the brand because of heavenly experiences.
Brands who want climb the stairs to create divine campaigns should read 11 Steps to Brand Heaven.

BRAND Heart : Provides an emotional attachment that leads to brand amour
A brand without a heart is like life without friends. Meaningless.
Every #bijoubrand has a heart of gold and looks for ways to romance its customers-&-clients.
Because the relationship is a courtship that leads to happily-ever-after.

BRAND Humour : Engages fans, grabs their attention & makes a #bijoubrand memorable
A healthy injection of tounge-in-cheek humour can strengthen brand’s personality.
Make’ Em Laugh quips brings about positive emotions & forges happy memories that are hard to deny.
Humour’s contagious. It’s the secret sauce that enables a #bijoubrand to have fun-with-fans.

BRAND Harmony : Ensures every interaction delivers a harmonious message
A breakthrough concept that makes all touchpoints with a #bijoubrand form part of a symphony.
Brand harmony creates a haunting melody that evokes the senses.
And aligns the entire organisation in telling a cumulative story & singing a common anthem.

BRAND Hallmark : Leaves a lingering impression on the landscape
First impressions count. Equally as important is the impression that’s left behind.
That’s a [...]

A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven Gs of a #bijoubrand

BRAND Gravatar (Globally Recognised Avatar) : Creates a ‘familiar face’ in the online world
Want to be identified on the web? Then use a gravatar. It’s simple. It’s free &  you can get one here.
Gravatars pop up to make comments stand out, drive traffic to your site & establish you as a niche expert.
So make sure you choose a tiny picture that speaks volumes, is memorable & worthy of a #bijoubrand.

BRAND Guts : Sets a #bijoubrand apart from the rest
If you think about the world’s biggest brands & what sets them apart…you’ll find it’s guts.
It’s having the conviction to take an idea, believe in it & run with it.
And having the patience and obstinate determination to take a vision & stick with it.

BRAND Guidelines : Maintain brand consistency
Without a set of guidelines a brand can find itself suffering from a split personality.
Every #bijoubrand has a set of rules-&-boundaries. They keep it on track and prevent it straying off target.
Yet are flexible enough to enable the brand to move forward as it matures-&-develops.

BRAND Glow : Increases retention by being authentic
When brands are genuine, engaging and focus on creating customer delight they positively radiate.
And have a luminous aura that’s difficult to extinguish by the competition.
That’s why brand glow is the core genius of every #bijoubrand.

BRAND Giveaways : Freebies that get the brand into the hands of an audience
Free is a pretty powerful word. But it can have a hefty price tag.
Find a promotional item that matches the audience but doesn’t burn a hole in the overhead.
Or offer a slice of knowledge, share a secret or two and get a reputation for being [...]

A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven Fs of a #bijoubrand

BRAND Fingerprint : Encapsulates the characteristics and personality of a #bijoubrand
The human fingerprint is an infallible method of identification, as every fingerprint is unique.
And each-&-every #bijoubrand has its own essential fingerprint.
Which makes it one of those magnetic brands that’s personable-likeable-&-memorable.

BRAND Footprint : Leaves a lingering mark on the business landscape
A #bijoubrand’s footprint makes a lasting impact that packs a punch.
Because it’s made by a trailblaiser that knows how to click-the-heels of those ruby red slippers.
So if you want to leave more than a footprint in the sand, be a specialist & wear a pair of statement shoes.

BRAND Footsteps : Establish a position of strength, knowledge & leadership
Every brand aspires to be a #bijoubrand. A brand that takes the high ground.
And its footsteps are worth following, because it has something to teach, share or inspire.
A #bijou brand walks the walk. Dances a dance. And spins around the marketplace like Fred & Ginger.

BRAND Fans : Embrace a #bijoubrand with a crazy passion
Turning customers into fanatical fans is the mecca of brand marketing.
They’re the ultimate personification of loyalty and should be treated like sliced gold.
They refer, recommend, review, engage and believe wholeheartedly in the #bijoubrand promise.

BRAND Funnel : Provides a rich diagnosis of the health & wealth of a #bijoubrand
A brand funnel helps a #bijoubrand boost its prospect pulling power.
By collecting prospects and converting them to customers who in turn become fans then super-fans.
The funnel of love takes them on a journey from brand indifference to like-it then love-it then in-love with it.

BRAND Font : Groups together typefaces with similar characteristics
The world’s full of beautiful fonts that convey mood-&-tone with [...]

A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven Es of a #bijoubrand

BRAND Essence : Differentiates a #bijoubrand with a single authentic attribute
Every #bijoubrand stands for something that’s unique & special to that brand.
A compelling  point of difference that leads to share of heart.
The narrower the focus, the stronger the brand. That’s the essence of brand essence.

BRAND Entertainment : Attention grabbling content that’s 100% pure unadulterated brand
A quandry facing brands today is how to be attention grabbing & cut through the noise.
One way is to amplify the brand promise by creating compelling content.
Brand entertainment goes a step further & turns a #bijoubrand into an entertainment powerhouse.

BRAND Enchantment : Changes hearts, minds and actions through the likeability-factor
A #bijoubrand is a big advocate for the customer happiness business model.
It aims to delight, seduce & inspire customers by displaying-&-conveying human characteristics.
#bijoubrands have a likeable charm that creates smiles. The most valueable form of brand equity.

BRAND Experience : Moments of brand interaction evoked by brand-related stimuli
Consumers require fresh new experiences at every touchpoint. And compelling experiences build loyalty.
Experiences that tickle the senses & fuel passionate relationships by keeping the spark alive.
By delighting in the unexpected & exploring the art of the possible. As every #bijoubrand knows.

BRAND Engagement : Touches the touchpoints in a multichannel customer journey
Brand engagement correlates with profit in The Participation Age.
It’s all about turning on a mind to reaffirm the brand promise & extend beyond a single purchase.
By fostering deep relationships through an emotional attachment with each & every #bijoubrand.

BRAND Equity : Generates value that leads to premium pricing
Brand power is derived from goodwill, which is linked to the value a consumer attaches to it.
A #bijoubrand brand has a credible signature [...]

A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven Ds of a #bijoubrand

BRAND DNA : Articulates the genetic code of a #bijoubrand
Every #bijoubrand digs deep to pinpoint a set of attributes that create stand-out appeal.
A strong point of view, bundle of values, standards of performance & guiding principles make up the DNA.
Which is then packaged into a distinctive brand experience. That’s worth sharing-&-shouting about.

BRAND Delight : Fuels passionate relationships between a #bijoubrand & its customers
Delightful surprises & random acts of kindness can transform the customer experience.
These feel-good moments generate a warm buzzing feeling that can literally make someone’s day.
That’s why brand delight is the lynchpin of a long-term-loyalty strategy of every #bijoubrand.

BRAND Doodles : Live in the mind’s-eye as pictures of a #bijoubrand
Contrary to popular opinion, doodling is a serious endeavor. Just ask Google.
A #bijoubrand passes the brand doodle test with flying colours because it’s bursting with visual equity.
And clients-&-customers can doodle an image of the logo. From memory. Because it’s so memorable.

BRAND Disruption : Finds challenging ways for a #bijoubrand to accelerate its growth
Truly disruptive brands challenge established conventions of the marketplace.
They’re bold. Daring. They’re not afraid to step out of the mould of their industry & refuse to sit still.
The power of disruption lies in the unexpected, the different, the unconventional. It’s a mind-blowing-mindset.

BRAND Depth : Creates new streams of customer value
Brand depth is a key indicator of a how a #bijoubrand innovates to stay fresh-&-refreshing.
It creates a like-minded community of brand loyalists who have a real sense of belonging.
It ignites passion-&-devotion amongst its followers & turns fans into cheerleaders.

BRAND Differentation : Crushes the competition by daring to be different
Winning brands aren’t playing it safe. They’re fearless-&-brave. And very [...]

A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven Cs of a #bijoubrand

BRAND #chitter-chatter : Engages through light-&-lively chit-chat & a good old chin-wag
The days of monologue marketing are numbered. Digital dialogues have stepped in.
Today the Holy Grail is ‘share of talk’ rather than ‘share of voice’ in order to land a bigger ‘share of purse’.
A #bijoubrand is a great conversationalist. The perfect guest at the social media cocktail party.

BRAND Charter : Keeps a #bijoubrand on course
A #bijoubrand has a set of guiding principles that telegraphs what it stands for.
They define-justify-&-appropriate the brand. Sister Snog has 7 #ships of its brand charter.
Entrepreneurship + ownership + leadership + membership + partnership + fellowship + friendship.

BRAND Cheerleaders : Sing the praises of a #bijoubrand
Cheerleaders are brand champions with pom-poms. Vocal advocates with lots to say.
Genuine fans who’ll rave about a #bijoubrand and wave the flag at every opportunity.
On social media, at a dinner party, on their blog or while they’re out-&-about. Priceless!

BRAND Currency : Creates attention-grabbing brands that cut through the clutter
Attention’s the new brand currency of marketing. Hard to get. Harder to keep once you get it.
We’re all attention challenged  in a marketplace thats more cluttered than ever before.
Attention is what all brands crave. It’s what a #bijoubrand attracts. A.I.D.A principle at work.

BRAND Culture : Shapes a #bijoubrand internally & ignites it externally
Passion in the workplace leads to a glowing reputation in the marketplace.
Because no amount of creative marketing will overshadow the lack of a strong culture.
A #bijoubrand’s culture’s robust. 100% authentic. It stands by its values & acts on them every day.

BRAND Charisma : Attracts loyal evangelists to the point of devotion
Charismatic brands are full of class-&-charm with a magnetism that [...]

A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven Bs of a #bijoubrand

BRAND B.U.S.T. : Distills a big brand idea into a sizzling single thought
A #bijoubrand’s claim to fame is an idea that’s Big-Unique-Simple-&-True.
The idea is condensed into a wonderful word. With a powerful punch. Baked into the brand.
Sister Snog has a B.U.S.T. It’s SEDUCTION. What’s yours?

BRAND Bug : Turns a logo into an ident
TV channels create watermarks with digitally originated graphics. Known as DOGs. Or bugs.
Mini-idents that sit in a corner of the screen. Flags of ownership with a starring role.
For #bijoubrands that are far sighted enough to make a mark on Youtube or Vimeo.

BRAND BHAGs : Point a #bijoubrand in the direction of the moon-&-stars
They’re big. Massive in fact. Hairy. And audacious. With a capital A.
A #bijoubrand has goals that make eyes water and toes curl.
And sheer determination to succeed. Which is what sets them apart. From the rest.

BRAND Blueprint : Knits-&-weaves the elements of a #bjioubrand together
Every conscious business & #bijoubrand has a blueprint.
It’s a written plan with the steps required to build a brand with rock-solid foundations.
Brands connect-align-&-engage. The blueprint is a silk thread that crafts a catwalk brand.

BRAND Boom : Makes goosebumps appear 
The right sound at the right time has the power to tell a rich story.
A boom moment occurs when a distinctive sound aligns itself with a #bijoubrand.
It triggers emotions. Makes people pay attention. Or evokes a moment of nostalgia.

BRAND Beliefs : Nestle in the soul of a #bijoubrand
A #bijoubrand has a belief system. Something compelling-&-contagious.
That conveys what a brand stands for. They’re evocative & link to emotions.
They’re ideals-&-concepts which a #bijou brand holds to be true.

BRAND Beacons : Shine a brilliant light [...]

A-Z of a #bijoubrand : Seven As of a #bijoubrand

BRAND Alphabet : Encompasses the A-Z of a #bijoubrand
Brands are complex creatures, made up of  layers of individualism.
Creating a brand alphabet is a way to build up those layers. From A-Z.
A soup-to-nuts approach that takes a brand from authenticity to the zeitgeist.

BRAND Authenticity : Embraces everything that’s real-honest-&-true
Being the real deal lies at the heart-&-soul of a #bijoubrand.
No porkies, fakes-or-flakes. The person with the purse is far too smart for that.
Authenticity is about promises that can be delivered by brands that truly care.

BRAND Architecture : Lays the bricks-&-mortar of a #bijoubrand
#bijoubrands are robust, sturdy & stick around.
Like some of the most amazing buildings around the world.
Conceived with love-&-passion, they flourish as they’re built on solid foundations.

BRAND Animation : Brings #bijoubrands to life
Creating a #bijoubrand is one thing. Making it dance-&-sing is another.
Animation is the way brands interact with their world & the world at large.
The channels they choose. The messages they convey. And the stories they tell.

BRAND Amour : Leads to a happily-ever-after 
Brand building and romance go together like a horse-&-carriage.
A gentle courtship full of hearts-flowers-&-favours. It’s a love-thing.
#bijoubrands reach the heart to create emotional connections full of amour.

BRAND Alchemy : Adds the Midas touch to a #bijoubrand
Alchemy is an ancient art. Alchemists turned lead into gold (allegedly).
It’s also a science,  based around the idea of transformation. From the inside out.
Brand alchemy takes brands from good to great, from stand-out to outstanding.

BRAND Anarchy : Shakes up the landscape
Brands that get talked about make it into the hall of fame.
They’re memorable. They’re bold and dare to be daring. Even disruptive.
Brand anarchy turns whispers into [...]