Frequently asked questions

  • # 1

    What is a snog?

    Snog is a delicious frozen yogurt that lacks fat and shuns sugar. Low in calories and served with a combination of fresh seasonal fruits it’s a truly healthy and refreshing treat for all seasons.

    Choose from a yogurt that is either natural, green tea or chocolate, and pick the toppings you fancy – whether that’s a portion of fruit, nuts, & seeds, or, for a ‘naughty Snog’ you can opt for a gluten free brownie or freshly baked cookie. But keep your eyes open because we update our toppings with the seasons.

  • # 2

    Where can I buy it?

    Currently Snog can be found exclusively at the Snog South Kensington at 32 Thurloe Place, London SW7 2HQ and Snog Soho at 9 Brewer Street, London W1F 0RG and Snog Westfield at Ground Floor, Westfield Shopping Centre, London W12 7SL. A new shop will be opening very soon this Autumn in Covent Garden.

  • # 3

    How much does a Snog cost?

    Prices start at £2.85 and depend on how many toppings you go for and whether you think someone might want to share your Snog.

  • # 4

    How many calories does a Snog contain?

    Natural and Green Tea have 97 calories per 100g serving. Chocolate has 106 calories per 100g serving.

  • # 5

    What is Agave nectar?

    Agave is a natural plant extract from the Agave plant. It contains twice the sweetness levels of granulated cane sugar, with half the calories. It is high in fructose, a type of sugar that is low GI.

  • # 6

    Are all of the ingredients organic?

    All our dairy ingredients and our Agave nectar are organic. We like to source the best tasting and healthiest ingredients. We found that the organic yogurt and milk worked best for what we needed.

  • # 7

    Where is the yogurt from?

    All our dairy ingredients are from the UK, and are organic.

  • # 8

    Is Snog gluten free?

    Yes, we’re not fans of gluten so we like to offer as many products without it as possible. Our frozen yogurt doesn’t contain gluten and neither do our brownies (so they’re not that naughty after all).

  • # 9

    How many other products are there like this out there?

    At the moment none. That’s what’s so exciting. We are the very first frozen yogurt shop in the UK. Other countries have a much stronger frozen yogurt culture, but it’s yet to come to the UK.

  • # 10

    How did the name Snog come about?

    The name is a combination of snow + yogurt. We wanted a British name that was cheeky, memorable, and made people smile. It’s an expression of how we want people to feel when they are in the shops or having a good Snog.

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