Yin meets Yang


Annie Brooks and Hela Wozniak-Kay are the heart and soul of Sister Snog.

Together they’ve put their indelible hallmark on London’s networking landscape by creating a brilliant brand full of social sizzle and business buzz. Annie and Hela have created a rather remarkable club, especially for successful business women who recognise the value of finding fans-friends-&-followers to help catapult their business to heady heights. Sister Snog is the catalyst that brings them together.





Sister Snog’s vision is to be one of the ‘Grand Dames’ of the business stage and help put Soft Power on the map and as a result be known as ‘The Voice of The Female Entrepreneur’.

The butterfly effect
Part of realising the vision is to lead the way across key social media platforms and create social sizzle through content curation-&-creation. Sister Snog’s aim is to be an engaging brand that other brands want to engage with. Sister Snog’s vision is to be the ultimate social butterfly.

All aboard the merry-go-round
Sister Snog’s vision is to be a social springboard. To provide Sisters with a platform where they can share their business experience-&-expertise. To be a catalyst that fosters-&-encourages collaboration between members – so the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. And be the superglue that bonds members and provides opportunities-ideas-&-encouragement for members to connect-&-engage.

Ideas factory
Sister Snog is determined to build a brand that stands the test of time by moving with the times. By embracing change, being open to feedback, surprising-&-delighting and having the next idea waiting in the wings.

Be part of a tribe
Today it’s essential be part of a tribe. Rapunzels rarely hit the big time. Sister Snog’s vision is to put membership on the agenda for serious movers-&-groovers who are part of the Soft Power revolution. And want to join-play-&-actively-participate. Because their head-&-heart tells them becoming a member of Sister Snog could well be one of the smartest moves they’ve ever made and one of the best investments they could make. Who wants to be an island when you can be part of an archipelago.



Sister Snog’s mission is to continue creating a beautiful platform where members connect for a common purpose. And make friends in business that become fans-ambassadors-&-champions. It’s to continue supporting one another and actively helping each other become more successful. The platform is a giant-multi-coloured jigsaw, made up of entrepreneurial women and women with an entrepreneurial spirit, who have embarked on a journey to build a successful business they’re passionate about. Each piece is unique. Each member is an individual. Everyone is hand-picked, carefully selected and chosen on the basis they’re a perfect fit.

Sense of belonging
Sister Snog is a club that fosters a sense of belonging to a tribe of like-minded individuals with a similar make-up-&-mind-set, that share a common set of values & characteristics. This is what creates unity and cohesion and maintains integrity of the club.

Brand of distinction
Sister Snog strives to create a vibe that’s both personal-&-approachable. It’s a brand that’s both social-&-sociable with a distinct personality which gives it the ‘Marmite factor’. And it’s a refreshing alternative to some of the more traditional networking clubs in London’s business playground.

Valuable resource and invaluable insights
Sister Snog’s aim has always been to attract an eclectic mix of businesses-&-brands that add a depth-&-colour to the club. Members are a valuable resource for each other that help boost the bottom line and are a source of invaluable business insights, that are shared at events and through social media channels.

For women created by women
Sister Snog is a brand created by women for women who want to make a real difference to each other, make their mark on the business landscape and leave an ever-lasting legacy.


Research reveals a huge proportion of women in corporate jobs are more interested in starting their own business than aiming for the boardroom. Sister Snog believes in this beautiful revolution. Pioneered by women with an entrepreneurial nature who are following their passion and are already on their way to Success City.

Birds of a feather
At Sister Snog there are no glass ceilings. Only stars-&-rainbows. Sister Snog exists to bring business women together who have already spent a minimum of two years following their passion. Women who appreciate the importance of building a brand. Who place a high value on being connected, being part of an archipelago, who share a sense of adventure, have a hint of humour and all consuming desire to succeed and be self sufficient. On their terms. In one glorious place. That’s both real-&-virtual.

Utopia and Success City
Sister Snog would love to see all Sisters at the top of their game. To be the ‘Bloomsbury Group’ of today. Written about. Talked about and sought out as the go-to-person in their sector. No-one reaches Success City without a little help along the way. That’s why joining a tribe should be on everyone’s shopping list. It’s not an expense. It’s an investment. Anyone who hasn’t done so already – should find their tribe and join it.