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Happy International Women’s Day 2017

Social musings : The Court of The Connectress

Social musings : Stop networking. Start connecting.

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Seven somethings : 7 #hashtag #howlers-&-#hashtagisms

If you’re thinking of creating your very own hashtag, see if it already exists, then define it.
Failure to do your homework can confuse or compromise the popularity of an existing hashtag.
Visit where you can search & register a hashtag or find what’s hot at

A big fat hairy no-no is muscling in on a hashtag & effectively highjacking it.
It’s bad manners, rude & disrespectful. It won’t get you any prizes & could get you banned.
If you want to join in, stay within the topic of conversation, engage & add a little social sparkle.

Keep the cryptic clues to the crossword
Random hashtagging serves little purpose, if you want posts to be meaningful & shareable.
Relevance is key. To you, your brand, your message, your event, your product or your service.
Express a point of view. Convey an emotion or signpost a golden nugget or tasty topic.

#Don’t #Tag #Every #Single #Word #In #Your #Posts
Tagging #every #single #word is like repeatedly being poked in the ribs with a pointy finger. Ouch!
It’s the social media equivalent of being the most annoying person in the class.
And you’re likely to end up being Billy-No-Mates with no one to play with in the social playground.

There are many social addictions. One of them is #Hashtagaholism.
#Hashtagaholics have a serious condition where they use far too many hashtags in a post.
1 is perfect. 2 if they’re pertinant. 3 is slightly over egging the pudding. Any more. See a doctor.

Make hashtags punchy & short. Easy to rewrite-repost-&-retweet.
Sometimes stringing words together in a single hashtag is the way to go.
Important people. #NelsonMandela. Big events. #RoyalBaby.

To CAPITALISE or not to capitalise

Social musings : #beautiful #hashtags

Thumbs up : Evernote

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Seven somethings : 7 flavoursome personas full of #sisterliness

SISTER : Killer or Kitten Heel member of the Sister Snog tribe
Entrepreneurial empire builder who’s accepted the invitation to join Sister Snog.
She’s smart-&-sassy, with a sense of style, hint of humour & thirst for adventure.
A flower that blossoms in the garden at #snogtowers.

BIG SISTER : A Sister who’s renewed her membership for a second year
Sister Snog is selective & membership is by invitation only.
Sisters who’ve blossomed are invited to renew for another 12 months.
To flower for another four seasons and cross pollinate with other members.

REALLY BIG SISTER : Sisters who’ve been members for three years or more
Sister Snog is business club where members connect-&-collaborate.
A tribe where Sisters support each other on their journey to Success City.
Really Big Sisters are a part of the flora-&-fauna of #snogtowers.

SISTER-in-WAITING : A shiny new Sister waiting to attend an event
The first thing every brand new member does is book an event.
During that limbo period she’s known as a Sister-in-Waiting.
A seed ready to be planted. A crysalis ready to turn into a #socialbutterfly.

BODY DOUBLE : Steps into the shoes of a Kitten Heel member
Killer Heel members pay one upfront payment a year – which includes all events.
After paying the membership fee, Kitten Heels book-& pay for events, one-at-a-time.
And appoint a Body Double to step into their shoes if they’re busy or double booked.

STEP SISTER : Entrepreneurial business women admired by Sister Snog
Step Sisters are inspirational women who’ve made an indelible mark.
On the business landscape. They’ve arrived at Success City.
And all have a fabulous footprint worth following & a sizzling story worth sharing.

TWIN SISTERS : Businesses-&-brands with a true sense of #sisterliness
Twin Sisters all [...]